• M. Petracci
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 31

    Health Communication is a field of knowledge, which is in a growing and strengthening process at present. The aim of this article is to analyze three qualitative studies about [...]

  • E. Carniglia
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 30

    A situated perspective of access to ambivalent ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in the country indicates that any digital transition involves significant breaks [...]

  • X. Sánchez, C. Rojas, J. Rojas
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 29

    This article focuses on the results of a research on the concept of critical reading of the media in school coursebooks from seventh grade in primary school to second grade [...]

  • T. Rojas, A. Núñez
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 28

    The presence of beauty in society has now a leading role thanks to the relevance that social media has given it. There is a tendency to elaborate reality TV shows based on [...]

  • A. Franci, X. Zhang
    Papers Repository of the International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) (2019). 12

    This paper presents a purely Lagrangian approach for the 3D simulation of Bingham free-surface uids and their interaction with deformable solid structures. In the proposed [...]

  • X. Zhang, S. Sloan, E. Oñate
    Int. Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics (2018). Vol. 42, pp. 1806-1822 (preprint)

    This paper presents a detailed numerical study of the retrogressive failure of landslides in sensitive clays. The dynamic modelling of the landslides is carried out [...]

  • Respiratory Medicine (2018). 142: 81–85

    Background: The stability of the new GOLD 2017 COPD staging is unknown, as well as the frequency of individual transitions in COPD stages beyond one year. Methods: All COPD [...]

  • K. Dioses, T. Rojas
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 13

    Through time, Journalism has faced changes about the emergence of new Media, but this process also involves issues of narrative and new audience management. So, adapting to [...]

  • P. Terán
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 20

    This article aims to analyze the journalistic content of the newspaper Perú21, on the focus of interest information on international relations to know the frames or [...]

  • M. Echevarría, J. Polar
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 26

    The socioeconomic impact has global effects and Media is not exempt from them as they follow global trends, leaving growing need evidence of the development of aptitudes and [...]

  • N. Esaine
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 12

    The following article seeks to understand the consumer from a viewpoint of the tribes of consumption. In turn, position itself as a new alternative methodology for market [...]

  • A. Rosa
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 25

    The paper presents an updated approach of the social media role in the contemporary social movements. Drawing from the explanation of some viewpoints about interaction in [...]

  • L. Chanamé
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 24

    This paper aims to the analysis of Professional women’s performance in Sports Journalism, knowing the conditions, difficulties and challenges faced by feminine genre [...]

  • E. Cueva
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 23

    The main aim of this research was to determine the relation that exists between the internal communication as tool of Public Relations and the corporate identity of Public [...]

  • E. Blanco
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 22

    This paper is aimed to understand the relation between Television Journalism, journalistic sources and social network communication. Also, it explains how television news [...]

  • G. Padilla
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 21

    In the last two centuries, human society went through radical changes in the way they communicates. Consequence of constantly technology innovation, adverstising became into [...]

  • P. Cumpén
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 19

    TV News Channels in Peru exists since late nineties. This kind of media appeared as a public necessity because, in that moment, news coverage was coming from TV stations that [...]

  • C. García
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 18

    This article aims to analyze the journalistic content of the newspaper Perú21, on the focus of interest information on international relations to know the frames or [...]

  • E. Venier
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 17

    Practices that link people with communication devices can be thought of as responses to needs of social groups that give rise to different ways of doing, thinking and managing [...]

  • R. Carcela
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 16

    This article is focused on the use of the news sources by Print Media in incident & crime reports. Official sources and agencies have a greater presence in analyzed newspapers. [...]

  • J. Botache
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 15

    The presence of “Conceptual Network of the Semantics of Action” components (Ricoeur, 2000) will be denoted in a large sample of cinematographic works of fiction [...]

  • M. Sarapura
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 14

    The following is a proposal of an analysis of the transposition of literature to film of the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and the essay A Grief Observed by C. [...]

  • M. Lazo
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 2

    In recent years, a great diversity of new products has emerged in the sector of children’s pastries, but there are others that have long been in our daily lives. In [...]

  • L. Salanitro
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 11

    People from Lima generate 8,000 tons of garbage a day; throwing solid, inorganic and non-biodegradable waste that pollute the environment, altering negatively their habitat [...]

  • Á. Hoyos
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 10

    This paper gives an account of the most relevant aspects of the management of corporate responsibility and of the relations between the company Celsia and a group of inhabitants [...]

  • T. Atarama-Rojas, K. Ahumada
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 9

    Cultural Journalism is one of the most important fields of information in social life. Since its inception, it has been linked to the written press and to the world of sciences, [...]

  • E. García
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 8

    Our tool is marketing subject to the incipient cultural market that is booming and that does not cease to grow and that increasingly welcomes diverse sectors of the population [...]

  • A. Gordillo
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 7

    Reflection “Communication-Education” is not limited to the analysis of practices, teaching-learning methodologies, the role of subjects in the dyad or the ideological [...]

  • C. Franco
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 6

    A relationship is established between the media and its clients that is not explained by appealing to the law of causes and effects. It could be said rather that it is a dialogic [...]

  • P. Schleifer
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 5

    This article considers that the social function of journalism is based on the belief in the journalistic objectivity, true illusio which involves a set of explicit and implicit [...]

  • D. Gonzalez
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 4

    The present work approaches the way in which Cognitive Linguistics addresses the issue of the body in relation to language, which is understood as a correlate of thought. [...]

  • C. Chiang
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 3

    This paper details thematic, as well as style and graphic language in Público newspaper's covers (October 2007 - June 2008). We assume that poster design in Público [...]

  • C. Hormazábal
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 1

    The report “Journalism’ students in Chile: Perception of the profession, their future work field and the performance of the media” (Mellado & cols., [...]

  • S. Jiménez, L. Barbu, S. Oller
    Monograph CIMNE (2018). M178

    The main objective of this thesis is to present a novel methodology for the analysis of post-tensioned concrete structures, based on the potential offered by the use of the [...]

  • F. Zarate, J. Cuellar, A. Regalado
    Revista Mexicana de Métodos Numéricos (2018). Vol. 2, 1

    Siempre que se realiza una simplificación, se suele cometer un error asociado, la capacidad del ingeniero en cuantificar o poder compensar dicho error con coeficientes [...]

  • B. Movahedian, B. Boroomand
    (2011). Research Report, Nº PI364

    In this research we present a method based on using Exponential Basis Functions (EBFs) to solve a class of time dependent engineering problems. The solution is first approximated [...]

  • S. Zandi, B. Boroomand, S. Soghrati
    (2011). Research Report, Nº PI363

    In this report, a new simple meshless method is presented for the solution of incompressible inviscid fluid flow problems with moving boundaries. A Lagrangian formulation [...]

  • W. Castelló, F. Flores
    (2011). Research Report, Nº PI362

    El objetivo principal del presente informe es mostrar las mejoras en la performance del código Stampack, cuando se lo emplea en conjunto con OpenMP en máquinas [...]

  • M. Pasenau, C. Andújar
    (2011). Research Report, Nº PI361

    El objetivo principal del proyecto de fin de carrera es el análisis, diseño, implementación y prueba de un algoritmo que permita simplificar rápidamente [...]

  • (2011). Research Report, Nº PI357

    We present some developments in the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM) for analysis of complex coupled problems in mechanics involving fluid-soil-structure interaction [...]

  • E. Oñate
    (2011). Research Report, Nº PI354

    Cuando se habla de la investigación, el desarrollo tecnológico y la innovación (I+D+I en siglas, que yo escribo todas en mayúsculas [1]) es frecuente [...]

  • M. Shahbazi, B. Boroomand, S. Soghrati
    (2011). Research Report, Nº PI353

    In this report, we introduce a meshfree approach for static analysis of isotropic/orthotropic crossply laminated plates with symmetric/non-symmetric layers. Classical, first [...]

  • R. Flores, E. Ortega, R. López
    (2012). Research Report, Nº PI375

    This work, conducted at CIMNE under ALEF project task 1.2.3, presents an investigation about the potential capabilities of neural networks to assist simulation campaigns. [...]

  • A. Eijo, E. Oñate, S. Oller
    (2012). Research Report, Nº PI378

    A new bilinear 4-noded quadrilateral element (called QLRZ) for the analysis of composite laminated and sandwich plates/shells based on the refined zigzag theory (RZT) proposed [...]

  • C. Estruch, B. Suárez, J. Marcipar
    (2012). Research Report, Nº PI380

    Actualmente el espacio formado por el “Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia” y el Campus Universitario de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (PMT-UPC) [...]

  • M. Santasusana, E. Oñate
    (2012). Research Report, Nº PI381

    The Discrete Element Method is a relatively new technique that has nowadays and intense research in the field of numerical methods. In its first conception, the method was [...]

  • D. Modesto, S. Zlotnik, A. Huerta
    (2013). Research Report, Nº PI401

    Solving the Helmholtz equation for a large number of input data in an heterogeneous media and unbounded domain still represents a challenge. This is due to the particular [...]

  • A. Llanos, E. Oñate, F. Zárate
    (2013). Research Report, Nº PI398

    Actualmente existen programas de MAT-fem para calcular vigas de material homogéneo, según la teoría de Euler-Bernoulli o de Timoshenko. El objetivo de [...]

  • P. Nadukandi
    (2014). Research Report, Nº PI408

    We present numerically stable formulas for the analytical solution in the closed form of the so-called X-IVAS scheme in 3D. The X-IVAS scheme is a material point based [...]

  • E. Ortega, R. Flores
    (2016). Research Report, Nº PI415

    PARACHUTES is a computer program developed at the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) for the simulation of ram-air (gliding) parachute systems. The [...]

  • Gaceta Técnica (2018). Vol. 15, 13

    The analysis of the linear systems as well as of the signals that interact with the different elements of the system and the environment that surrounds it, requires a clear [...]

  • International Journal of Natural Disasters, Accidents and Civil Infrastructure (2018). Vol. 18, (2), 1

    The changes in the geometry of the structures are called irregularities and are divided into two types: plant and height irregularities, the latter being widely investigated. [...]

  • G. Pannillo, M. Chacón, H. Riera
    Gaceta Técnica (2018). Vol. 19 (2), 12

    Steel connections are a fundamental part in the design and construction process of metal structures. Making this connections design becomes an extensive mathematical procedure, [...]

  • Presentations Repository of Scipedia

    Scipedia (https://www.scipedia.com) is an innovative Open Science and Research Publishing Platform. Scipedia aims to connect researchers and professionals in science [...]

  • R. Arias
    Gaceta Técnica (2018). Vol. 19 (2), 6

    The Construction Camera of the Lara State in Venezuela has been encouraging courses through the agreement established with the School of Civil Engineering of the Centroccidental [...]

  • L. Vázquez, D. Aguirre, M. Demmler
    Gaceta Técnica (2018). Vol. 19 (2), 7

    The objective proposed in this work was to find out if there is a relationship between the beginning of summer time in Mexico and the number of road accidents, since the entrance [...]

  • A. Giménez, M. Olavarrieta, L. Escalona, H. Gallegos
    Gaceta Técnica (2018). Vol. 19 (2), 8

    The present research resulted in a standardized laboratory test for the evaluation of properties in a simulated exposure environment by immersion in 3% NaCl solution. The [...]

  • L. Lopez, R. Picón, M. Marante
    Gaceta Técnica (2018). Vol. 19 (2), 9

    In the present work of investigation the numerical behavior of structural profiles of steel of thin wall is studied, of Venezuelan national production Conduven ECO, of square [...]

  • M. Aguirre, G. Aguirre
    Gaceta Técnica (2018). Vol. 19 (2), 10

    This paper discusses the flexural strength of reinforced concrete beams of square cross section, exposed to fire during different times. After being exposed to fire the beams [...]

  • Papers Repository of the International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) (2018). 6

    Properties of Norwegian clays, Canadian clays and offshore clays

  • Papers Repository of the International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) (2018). 7

    Variations of horizontal and vertical velocities of retrogressive landslides

  • X. Zhang, D. Sloan
    15th IACMAG (2017). paper no 868

    In this paper, the slope failure in sensitive clays is studied numerically using the particle finite element method which is a novel approach capable of tackling extreme deformation [...]

  • 13th World Congress in Computational Mechanics (WCCM 2018), New York (USA)

    Brash ice is the accumulation of floating ice made up of blocks no larger than two meters across. Navigation in brash ice is becoming more usual as new navigation routes are [...]

  • A. Aguado, A. Josa, M. Pindado
    Monograph CIMNE (1997). M37

    Se pretende realizar una revisión completa de la experiencia obtenida tanto en gabinete de obra, mostrando las conclusiones de las mismas.

  • J. Blasco, R. Codina, A. Huerta
    Monograph CIMNE (1997). M38

    This monograph is devoted to the study of fractional step, finite element methods for the numerical solution of incompressible, viscous flow equations, and in particular of [...]

  • A. Hanganu, A. Barbat, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (1997). M39

    Se desarrolla la formulación de un  Nuevo índice de daño global riguroso, general, selectivo y objetivo. En base a ésta se propone una metodología [...]

  • M. Arroyo, P. Díez, A. Huerta
    Monograph CIMNE (1997). M40

    The study and prediction of failure is one of the most challenging issues of mechanical ans¡d structural engineering. In this context, an accurate analysis of strain [...]

  • Presentations Repository of Scipedia (2018). 2

    Scipedia (https://www.scipedia.com) is a comprehensive and unparalleled solution for the needs of open access / open data / open innovation / open science. Scipedia.com [...]

  • (2011). Research Report, Nº PI359

    Se presentan unas reflexiones sobre el ciclo que las ideas recorren desde que surgen en un entorno universitario hasta que se transforman en un producto industrial. Se concretan [...]

  • O. Soto, R. Codina
    Monograph CIMNE (1997). M41

    El principal objetivo del presente trabajo es el de plantear un método de solución por elementos finitos de las ecuaciones que rigen el flujo incompresible, [...]

  • J. Donea, B. Roig, A. Huerta
    Monograph CIMNE (1998). M42

    In this work, a study has been made of other high order time-stepping methods with the view of identifying schemes that could possibly be used for a time accurate finite element [...]

  • J. Jovicevic, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (1998). M43

    In this research work, the studies of the previous authors have been applied and expanded to other types of structural problems: Euler-Bernoulli beams, axisymmetric shells [...]

  • O. Manzoli, J. Oliver, M. Cervera
    Monograph CIMNE (1998). M44

    El objetivo principal del presente trabajo es extender la clase de aproximación de discontinuidad fuerte, originalmente propuesta por Simó, Oliver y Armero (1993), [...]

  • P. Ryzhakov, E. Oñate, R. Rossi, S. Idelsohn
    Monograph CIMNE (2010). M121

    Lagrangian finite element methods emerged in fluid dynamics when the deficiencies of the Eulerian methods in treating free surface flows (or generally domains undergoing [...]

  • Q. Valverde, C. Saracibar, M. Cervera, M. Chiumenti
    Monograph CIMNE (2002). M69

    El objetivo de este trabajo es desarrollar e implementar una formulación específica, robusta y precisa de elementos, capaz de abordar el problema de incompresibilidad [...]

  • F. Muñoz, J. Maristany
    Monograph CIMNE (1999). M52

    La integración (interface) de los programas, por un lado el pre y postproceso y por el otro el análisis de estructuras por medio del MEF, GiD y Sap90 nos permiten [...]

  • Ships and offshore structures (2018). 14:2, 153-164 (preprint)

    In this work a finite element method (FEM) is proposed to solve the problem of estimating the added resistance of a ship in waves in the time domain and using unstructured [...]

  • Presentations Repository of Scipedia (2018). 1

    This presentation was held on 5th July, 2018 at the VII Session of the Virtual Program on Open Science and Research Data Management  (VII Sesión del Programa Virtual [...]

  • Open Access Repository of the FIBRESHIP project (2018). 4

    This introductory presentation was made on the 1st Fibreship Workshop (14th May 2018, London).

  • S. paboeuf, A. CASSEZ
    Open Access Repository of the FIBRESHIP project (2018). 3

    This presentation was made on the 1st Fibreship Workshop to show the advances made in the project regarding the engineering aspects (mainly related to fire assessment and [...]

  • Open Access Repository of the FIBRESHIP project (2018). 2

    This presentation was made on the 1st Fibreship Workshop to show the advances made in the project regarding the development of different analysis tools to support design and [...]

  • Open Access Repository of the FIBRESHIP project (2018). 1

    Presentation made on the 1st Fibreship Workshop to show the advances made in the project regarding the material selection and characterization.

  • B. Boroomand, M. Ghaffarian, O. Zienkiewicz
    (2004). Research Report, Nº PI247

    In this paper a study is performed on application of two recovery methods, i.e. Superconvergent Patch Recovery (SPR) and the Recovery by Equilibrium of Patches (REP), to plate [...]

  • 37th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2018), Madrid (Spain)

    Brash ice is the accumulation of floating ice made up of blocks no larger than two meters across. Navigation in brash ice is becoming more usual as new navigation routes are [...]

  • F. ANEN
    Informes Nauticos (2018). 2

    Informe del Sector Náutico en España ( 2012). La Náutica deportiva y de Recreo. Informe elaborado por del departamento de Investigación y estrategia [...]

  • R. Nautal
    Informes Nauticos (2018). 1

    La empresa Nautal, nos facilita este informe del sector del chárter en España obtenido de su actividad como como agencia. es de los primeros informes sobre la [...]

  • A. Mas-Colell
    Acte final del 3r Congrés d'Economia i Empresa de Catalunya (2018). 3

  • Acte final del 3r Congrés d'Economia i Empresa de Catalunya (2018). 2

  • J. Pont
    Acte final del 3r Congrés d'Economia i Empresa de Catalunya (2018). 1

  • W. Ortiz
    Gaceta Técnica (2018). Vol. 19 (1), 5

    This study aimed to address quality management in the university classroom, specifically in the Department of Basic Sciences of the Dean of Civil Engineering of the Universidad [...]

  • J. Perez, M. Oca, W. Quintero
    Gaceta Técnica (2018). Vol. 19 (1), 11

    The seismic design is based on the results of the structures elastic analysis, even though now days the nonlinear analysis is increasingly accessible. To perform the seismic [...]

  • S. Oller-Aramayo, L. Nallim, S. Oller, X. Martínez
    Monograph CIMNE (2017). M169

    This work presents the composite materials applied to Water Current Turbine (WCT) hydrokinetic turbines. Here will be briefly described the features of these turbines, the [...]

  • (2017). 14th International Benchmark Workshop on the Numerical Analysis of Dams. Stockholm, Sweden, 2017

    The static and seismic analysis of Janneh arch-gravity dam (157 m) is carried out by considering a combination of self-weight, hydrostatic, uplift and seismic loads. Linear [...]

  • J. Perez, M. Oca, W. Quintero
    Gaceta Técnica (2018). Vol. 19 (1), 4

    The seismic design is based on the results of the structures elastic analysis, even though now days the nonlinear analysis is increasingly accessible. To perform the seismic [...]

  • J. Lucena, K. Vallejo, M. Jaua
    Gaceta Técnica (2018). Vol. 19 (1), 2

    The main objective of this research is the public and massive construction of social interest housing, executed between 2005 and 2015 in the Iribarren and Palavecino municipalities [...]

  • A. Pérez-Foguet, A. Rodríguez-Ferran, A. Huerta
    Monograph CIMNE (2000). M58

    As stated in the introduction, the three main topics covered in this report are actual research fields. Different analyses and new developments related with these fields [...]

  • E. participantes, O. Fruitos, O. Fruitos Bickham
    RESILTRACK Project (2018). 3

     The RESILTRACK OBJECTIVE is to design a system which allows the knowledge of the infrastructure state and its affectation before climatic adverse real time phenomena, [...]

  • Y. Vargas, A. Barbat, L. Pujades, J. Hurtado
    (2013). Computational Methods in Stochastic Dynamics, Volume 2, Springer, ISBN: 978-94-007-5134-7, 293-308

    Capacity-spectrum-based-methods areused for assessing the vulnerability and risk of existing buildings. Capacity curves are usually obtained by means of nonlinear static analysis. [...]

  • M. Carreño, A. Barbat, M. Marulanda
    (2012). Modelación probabilista para la gestión del riesgo de desastre, The World Bank, 73-89

    The difficulty of considering aspects such as the effectiveness of risk management or the ability to react in the event of a disaster in a single methodology of risk analysis [...]