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Mission of Scipedia.com

Scipedia.com is a scientific and technical digital publisher and professional social network. Scipedia aims to connect researchers and professionals in science and technology and facilitate them to share knowledge, expertise and the outcome of their work. For this purpose, Scipedia.com offers an innovative platform providing free publishing and open access services to disseminate the results of the scientific and technical work.

Scipedia.com offers a flexible and easily customizable web-publishing and hosting solution for open access journal publishers, based on the most reliable technology. Our hosting plans are designed to adapt to the needs of journal publishers of all sizes. Besides, Scipedia.com offers specific solutions and services for congresses.

By teaming up with Scipedia, institutions can take advantage of simple, scalable and intuitive management procedures of their open science portals. Our hosting plans are designed to adapt to the needs of institutions and communities of all sizes.

Scipedia.com is hosted and operated by Scipedia S.L.

BIM TeamUp

BIM TeamUp is a collaborative BIM project management platform in the cloud, based on Scipedia technology. It facilitates the simple management and visualization of all the models and data associated with the project, thus supporting the daily management of BIM projects.

BIM TeamUp is completely scalable: it adapts to the needs of companies of any size and public administrations, to manage building or civil engineering projects according to the BIM methodology.

For further information, please visit bim-teamup.com.

TeamUp by Scipedia

TeamUP by Scipedia makes available Scipedia’s technology to companies and institutions to build customized solutions (SaaS, Software as a Service).

TeamUP offers a customisable and integrated collaboration solution to connect people, knowledge, and content in a secure collaboration and communication hub. Teamup by Scipedia is a flexible and scalable solution for organizations of all sizes, offering:

For further information, contact us at info@scipedia.com.

Company info

Scipedia S.L. is a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of Spain and having its principal place of business at c/ Gran Capitán s/n, Campus Nord UPC - Edificio B0; 08034 Barcelona (Spain). It is registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona, volume 45146, page 186, sheet 478278, entry 1 with CIF B-66666520.

Scipedia S.L. was founded on December 14, 2015 and started its activities on January 8, 2016.

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You can contact us by email at info@scipedia.com or by phone at (+34) 93 401 09 50