• A. Cazañas, E. Parra
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 62

    This paper presents a literature review on the topic of web design, specifically with regard to mobile web design. The aim of the review is to identify and analyze major strategies [...]

  • D. Viveros-Melo, M. Ortega-Adarme, X. Blanco Valencia, A. Castro-Ospina, S. Murillo Rendón, D. Peluffo-Ordóñez
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 61

    Case-based reasoning (CBR) is a process used for computer processing that tries to mimic the behavior of a human expert in making decisions regarding a subject and learn from [...]

  • E. Crespo Martínez
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 60

    Information is the most valuable element for any organization or person in this new century, which, for many companies, is a competitive advantage asset (Vásquez & Gabalán, [...]

  • M. Quiñones-Cuenca, V. González-Jaramillo, R. Torres, M. Jumbo
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 59

    This work proposes a system for collecting meteorological data using a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), that is able to transmit data in real-time. The system automatizes the [...]

  • A. Mantilla Guerra
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 58

    In order to contribute to the treatment of diabetes, which is one of the main causes of death in Ecuador and in the world, a research project is being developed to create [...]

  • A. Calle-Gómez, F. Fernández-Peña, P. Urrutia-Urrutia
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 57

    The study of the impact of Facebook in academy has been mainly based on the qualitative evaluation of the academic performance and motivation of students. This work takes [...]

  • A. Arciniegas M., D. Imbajoa R., J. Revelo F.
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 56

    This project describes a proposed Measure Management System, from the design stage to the implementation of a prototype smart meter, adapted to operate in the microgrid at [...]

  • G. Cárdenas, J. Aponte
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 55

    Many researchers have highlighted the scarcity of empirical studies that systematically examine the advantages and disadvantages of the use of visualization techniques for [...]

  • T. Acosta, S. Luján-Mora
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 54

    Since the publication of the Ecuadorian Technical Standard NTE INEN ISO / IEC 40500 in 2014 and the Ecuadorian Technical Regulation RTE INEN 288 "The web contents accessibility" [...]

  • M. V. García, E. Irisarri, F. Pérez
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 53

    Nowadays, factory automation systems need to cope with very different challenges, such as big data, IIoT, etc. These challenges lead to a new generation of automation systems [...]

  • E. Gómez Torres, N. Herrera-Herrera, M. Díaz
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 52

    The use of mobile devices has gradually increased. Every day, the number of organizations adopting systems which include some type of mobile payments is becoming bigger. Because [...]

  • C. Moreira Zambrano, W. Zambrano-Romero, R. Guamán-Quinché, W. Cuenca Álava
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 51

    This paper presents the results obtained from the implementation of an infrastructure to improve technological services of email, virtual learning environment, digital repository [...]

  • M. Cueva Hurtado, D. Alvarado Sarango
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 50

    Security in the application layer (SSL), provides the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of the data, between two applications that communicate with each other. [...]

  • P. Suárez, M. Villavicencio
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 49

    Considering that the images of different spectra provide an ample information that helps a lo in the process of identification and distinction of objects that have unique [...]

  • A. Cazañas, A. de San Miguel, E. Parra
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 48

    One strategy used to assure that an interface meets user requirements is to conduct usability testing. When conducting such testing one of the unknowns is sample size. Since [...]

  • M. Moreno-Revelo, S. Patascoy-Botina, A. Pantoja-Buchelli, J. Revelo Fuelagán, J. Rodríguez-Sotelo, S. Murillo-Rendón, D. Peluffo-Ordóñez
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 47

    An arrhythmia is a pathology that consists on altering the heartbeat. Although, the 12-lead electrocardiogram allows evaluation of the electrical behavior from heart to determine [...]

  • M. Yamba-Yugsi, S. Luján-Mora
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 46

    We are experiencing constant technological change, which implies that learning and training requirements have been increased, they are increasingly high. One of these changes [...]

  • F. Solís, D. Pinto, S. Solís
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 45

    The new styles and ways of life lead to greater use of wireless networks, the mobile device being a tool for data transmission, which are susceptible to threats in the transmission [...]

  • R. Proaño Escalante, C. Saguay Chafla, S. Jácome Canchig, F. Sandoval Zambrano
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 44

    One of the problems that the IT auditor has when expressing an opinion about a finding is the subjectivity that can be due to many aspects, among the main ones: emotional, [...]

  • V. Alvear-Puertas, P. Rosero-Montalvo, D. Peluffo-Ordóñez, J. Pijal-Rojas
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 43

    Internet of Things (or also known as IoT) is one of the technologies most named today because of the ability it envisages to connect all kinds of devices to the Internet. [...]

  • F. Sandoval, V. Galvez, O. Moscoso
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (1), 42

    The development of an enterprise architecture (EA) in large organizations is complex. Thus, is important that the implementation of EA creates value in early stages of the [...]

  • J. Caranqui Aldaz
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (4), 17

    Within the National Forest Restoration Plan of the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador, the ESPOCH herbarium identified the species used in the Autonomous Parochial Governments [...]

  • L. Hidalgo Aguilera, J. Imbaquingo, D. Mideros
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (4), 16

    An automatic machine has been designed to obtain threads and ribbons through a continuous rotational cutting process. This machine processes plastic bottles used as containers [...]

  • V. Reyes, C. Rosales, A. Guzmán, S. Báez
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (4), 15

    An important participation in the urban public transport offer of Quito is in the hands of the private company. Given the high demand, it will show the safety indicators and [...]

  • J. Miranda-Yuquilema, A. Marín-Cárdenas, M. González-Pérez, D. Sánchez-Macías
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (4), 14

    The aim of this work was to evaluate the physical, microbiological, fibrous and lactic acid changes of cassava silage with cowpea used on biological mix. Fifty kg whole cassava [...]

  • G. Mariño, M. Coronel, C. González, E. Beltrán
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (4), 13

    This research studied the influence of clarification techniques of Castilla's blackberry wine Rubus glaucus Benth on its chromaticity, turbidity and yields of the process. [...]

  • M. Jijón, T. Guerrero Villegas, A. Barahona, P. Aguilar Barriga
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (4), 12

    Macadamia nut is considered "the queen of nuts", because of its high energy content and nutritional value. Certain types of nuts are considered to be non-commercial due to [...]

  • D. López, I. Naranjo, O. Pérez, V. Uday
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (4), 11

    The quality of the algae Ascphyllum nodosum was assessed as a growth promoter in the breeding stage of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and its immunostimulant effect with [...]

  • M. Álvarez González, L. Álvarez Gil, R. Vázquez Rodríguez
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (4), 10

    The paper presents the evaluation and the analysis of three types of filter geometry to evaluate the filtration risk in Zaza Reservoir, taking as starting point the historic [...]

  • R. Najarro, R. López, R. Racines, A. Puris
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (4), 9

    This paper aims to analyzing the effect of the inclusion of several constraints that have negative influence in the real manufacturing productions. For the solution of the [...]

  • C. Del Río
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (4), 8

    This paper reviews what stage the central banks of the world’s leading economies are at in their study and adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT) to reengineer [...]

  • G. Cerón López
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (3), 7

    Is it easy to use geostatistics for reservoir characterization or not? Is SGEMS able to reproduce reservoir geological characteristics in a 3D high resolution model? After [...]

  • B. Carrillo, M. Mosquera
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (3), 6

    Polyunsaturated fatty acids are bioactive compounds employed as nutritional supplements in the food and pharmaceutical industry, those are present in blue fish like sardine [...]

  • P. Castillo, L. Quinchuela, P. Echeverría, G. Jácome
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (3), 5

    This work established the conditions of covalent immobilization of trypsin on a Sepharose matrix, which could be applied for the purification of trypsin inhibitors. The higher [...]

  • H. Ortega, R. Tufiño, J. Estévez
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (3), 4

    The present work has the objective of developing a system for the automatic recognition of a playing card on a table, as part of a more general project to create a device [...]

  • P. Ludeña-González, R. Torres, M. Quiñónez, S. Cueva
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (3), 3

    Overhead quantifies how much routing and control information is necessary for the application data to reach the destination node. This is very important in Ad Hoc networks [...]

  • S. Espín Lagos, J. Guamanquispe Toasa, D. Coello-Fiallos, J. Paredes Zumbana
    Enfoque UTE - Scientific Engineering Journal (2017). Vol. 8, (3), 2

    Shielding was performed on the flanks of teeth of a cane mill by means of the flame thermal projection technique using the Eutalloy 11496 micropulverized alloy. The material [...]

  • Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., (2017). Vol. 326, pp. 422-445

    In this paper we propose a Finite Element model for analyzing closed membranes (“bags”) interacting with internal and external (surrounding) fluids. The approach [...]

  • Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., (2017). Vol. 325, pp. 711-732

    The aim of this paper is to present a Lagrangian formulation for thermo-coupled fluid–structure interaction (FSI) problems and to show its applicability [...]

  • J. Cotela-Dalmau, R. Rossi, E. Oñate
    Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., (2017). (preprint) Vol. 315, pp. 607-631

    We present a new stabilized finite element (FEM) formulation for incompressible flows based on the Finite Increment Calculus (FIC) framework (Oñate, [...]

  • P. Diez, S. Zlotnik, A. Huerta
    Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg. (2017). (Preprint) Vol. 326, pp. 223-240

    Design optimization and uncertainty quantification, among other applications of industrial interest, require fast or multiple queries of some parametric model. The Proper [...]

  • R. Hospital-Bravo, J. Sarrate, P. Diez
    Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., (2017). (Preprint) Vol. 111 (8), pp. 703-723

    This paper details a semi‐analytical procedure to efficiently integrate the product of a smooth function and a complex exponential over tetrahedral elements. These highly [...]

  • R. García-Blanco, D. Borzacchiello, F. Chinesta, P. Diez
    Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng. (2017). Vol. 111 (6), pp. 529-552

    The parametric analysis of electric grids requires carrying out a large number of Power Flow computations. The different parameters describe loading conditions and grid properties. [...]

  • K. Serafin, B. Magnain, E. Florentin, N. Parés, P. Diez
    Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng. (2017). (Preprint) Vol. 110 (5), pp. 440-466

    This work focuses on providing accurate low-cost approximations of stochastic finite elements simulations in the framework of linear elasticity. In [E. Florentin, P. Diez, [...]

  • M. Signorini, S. Zlotnik, P. Diez
    Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng. (2017). (Preprint) Vol. 109, (8), pp. 1085-1102

    The identification of the geological structure from seismic data is formulated as an inverse problem. The properties and the shape of the rock formations in the subsoil are [...]

  • Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., (2017). (Preprint) Vol. 313 (1), pp. 785-816

    This paper presents a new methodology to compute guaranteed upper bounds for the energy norm of the error in the context of linear finite element approximations of the reaction-diffusion [...]

  • R. Flores, S. Trujillo
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 27

         Since the beginning of Cardiology in the world and then started as specialty in Venezuela history have occurred various events that influenced the [...]

  • T. Vizcaya, M. Mujica, R. Gásperi
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 26

    The organizational climate of health institutions is affected by many factors, such as leadership style, the level of motivation that exists, the way decisions are made and [...]

  • E. Nur, E. Pulgar, I. Piñero, M. Mendoza, M. Paredes, M. Morales, O. Ortiz, Y. Pernalete, D. Daza
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 25

    Depression occupies one of the first places as a reason for consultation in psychiatry, with university students being one of the groups most affected. The objective of this [...]

  • I. Ramones, R. Cammarata, B. Canache, B. Pacheco
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 24

    Obesity has become a serious health problem worldwide, being an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. In that sense, to evaluate the frequency of cardiac geometric [...]

  • Y. Ruiz, L. Avendaño, L. Cañizales, M. Oviedo, C. Guedez, J. Suarez, A. González
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 23

    The objectives of this work were the identification of a triatomine captured within a home located at 9 ° 17'2 "LN and 70 ° 25¨49" LO in the capital city of Trujillo State [...]

  • C. Carpintero, L. Lozada
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 22

    A descriptive transversal investigation was conducted with the aim of evaluating the exposure to psycho-social risks in a stratified sample of 556 workers of the main areas [...]

  • R. Gásperi
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 21

    Los reportes epidemiológicos periódicos en Salud Publica son fundamentales para el buen desempeño de los sistemas de salud en un país. Los  programas, planes de salud [...]

  • L. Valles
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 20

    The Warao indigenous community in the Delta Amacuro state, Venezuela, without intending it, became historical internationally, when the English writer, Daniel Defoe, published [...]

  • Y. Ontiveros, X. Bullones, O. Cárdenas
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 19

     Dengue es una de las arbovirosis más importantes en el mundo en términos de morbi-mortalidad. En América, destaca Venezuela donde son afectados niños, mujeres y [...]

  • Á. Daboín, L. Valles, F. Torrealba, T. Gharbi
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 18

    In order to develop intelligent traps as vector control mechanisms for the prevention and reduction of metaxenic diseases, a physiological parameter is determined as the wingbeat [...]

  • N. Padilla, A. Arrollo, C. Márquez, M. Pineda
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 17

    The rate of deterioration of fish and its safety are related to the hygienic management of the fish and its conditioning,consuming poorly cooked or raw fish can lead to food [...]

  • K. Bastidas, Y. Coll, Y. Delgado, M. Escobar, D. Flores, Z. González, Á. Riera
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 16

    In order to determine the prevalence of Burnout Syndrome, occupational risk to develop it in the health personnel and the user's  opinion about on medical attention, [...]

  • D. Zea, M. Bayona
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 15

    Since its discovery and identification in gastric tissue by Marshall and Warren in 1983, our knowledge about the effects of Helicobacter pylori infection has grown considerably. [...]

  • Y. Paredes, J. Chipia, L. Contreras
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 14

      Dengue is a viral disease that depends on interactions between environment, agent, population of hosts and vector, as well as socioeconomic, political, technical and [...]

  • R. Gásperi
    Rev Vzlana Salud Pub (2017). 13

    Health conceived as a complex phenomenon constitutes a circuit where the effects retroact on the causes and the health disease process as a product, reproduces its causes [...]

  • Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., (2017). Vol. 325, pp. 37-55

    In this work we present a general error estimator for the finite element solution of solid mechanics problems based on the Variational Multiscale method. [...]

  • Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., (2017). Vol. 110 (13), pp. 1203-1226

    The need for remeshing when computing flow problems in domains suffering large deformations has motivated the implementation of a tool that allows the proper transmission [...]

  • E. Castillo, R. Codina
    Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences (2017). Vol. 51 (4), pp. 1407-1427

    In this paper we present the numerical analysis of a three-field stabilized finite element formulation recently proposed to approximate viscoelastic flows. The three-field [...]

  • J. Baiges, R. Codina, A. Pont, E. Castillo
    Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., (2017). Vol. 313, pp. 159-188

    In this work we present a Fixed-Mesh ALE method for the numerical simulation of free surface flows capable of using an adaptive finite element mesh covering a background [...]

  • E. Castillo, R. Codina
    Computers & Fluids (2017). Vol. 142, pp. 72-78

    In this paper, a three-field finite element stabilized formulation for the incompressible viscoelastic fluid flow problem is tested numerically. Starting from a residual based [...]

  • Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng. (2017). (preprint) Vol. 113 (6), pp. 910-937

    In this paper, conserving time‐stepping algorithms for frictionless and full stick friction dynamic contact problems are presented. Time integration algorithms for frictionless [...]

  • (2017). Research Report, Nº PI417

    We present an overview of the model implemented by the International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE, www.cimne.com ) for  the generation of scientific [...]

  • Structural Control Health Monitoring (2017). Vol. 24 (11), Article Number: e2012

    The advances in information and communication technologies led to a general trend towards the availability of more detailed information on dam behaviour. This allows applying [...]

  • C. Labra, J. Rojek, E. Oñate
    Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (2017). Vol. 50 (3), pp. 621-638

    This paper presents advanced computer simulation of rock cutting process typical for excavation works in civil engineering. Theoretical formulation of the hybrid discrete/finite [...]

  • Procedia Engineering (2017). Vol. 175, pp. 226-232

    The main objective of this work lies in the development of a variational implicit Material Point Method (MPM), implemented in the open source Kratos Multiphysics framework. [...]

  • Int. J. Numer. Anal. Meth. Geomech. (2017). Vol. 41 (1), pp. 110-134

    A new mixed displacement‐pressure element for solving solid–pore fluid interaction problems is presented. In the resulting coupled system of equations, the balance [...]

  • Computers and Geotechnics (2017). Vol. 85, pp. 220-229

    The Discrete Element Method (DEM) was found to be an effective numerical method for the calculation of engineering problems involving granular materials. [...]

  • L. Nallim, S. Oller, E. Oñate, F. Flores
    Composite Structures (2017). Vol. 163, pp. 168-184

    In this work a kinematics for laminated beams enriched with a refined formulation ZigZag (RZT), originally presented by Tessler et al. in 2007, introduced in a hierarchical [...]

  • Archives of Comp. Meths. Engng. (2017). Vol. 24 (1), pp. 1-21

    Predictive models are an important element in dam safety analysis. They provide an estimate of the dam response faced with a given load combination, which can be compared [...]

  • M. Cervera, C. Tesei, G. Ventura
    Int. J. Solids and Structures (2017). (preprint) Vol. 135, pp. 148–171

    In the present paper, a new d+/d− damage model apt for quasi-brittle materials is described and its validation is carried out considering unreinforced [...]

  • N. Dialami, M. Cervera, M. Chiumenti, A. Segatori, W. Osikowicz
    Metals (2017). (preprint) Vol. 7 (11), pp. 491

    This work adopts a fast and accurate two-stage computational strategy for the analysis of FSW (Friction stir welding) processes using threaded cylindrical pin tools. The coupled [...]

  • N. Dialami, M. Chiumenti, M. Cervera, A. Segatori, W. Osikowicz
    Int. J. Mechanical Sciences (2017). (preprint) Vol. 133, pp. 555-567

    Friction is one of the main heat generation mechanisms in Friction Stir Welding (FSW). This phenomenon occurs between the pin and the workpiece as the rotating tool moves [...]

  • M. Chiumenti, E. Neiva, E. Salsi, M. Cervera, E. Badia, J. Moya, Z. Chen, C. Lee, C. Davies
    Additive Manufacturing (2017). (preprint) Vol. 18, pp. 171-185

    In this work a finite-element framework for the numerical simulation of the heat transfer analysis of additive manufacturing processes by powder-bed technologies, [...]

  • M. Cervera, G. Barbat, M. Chiumenti
    Computational Mechanics (2017). (preprint) Vol. 60 (5), pp. 767–796

    This paper discusses the finite element modeling of cracking in quasi-brittle materials. The problem is addressed via a mixed strain/displacement finite element formulation [...]

  • S. Salaustros, M. Cervera, L. Pelà
    Meccanica (2017). (preprint) Vol. 53 (7), pp. 1757–1776

    In-plane cyclic loading of masonry walls induces a complex failure pattern composed of multiple diagonal shear cracks, as well as flexural cracks. The realistic modelling [...]

  • S. Salaustros, L. Pelà, M. Cervera, P. Roca
    International Journal of Architectural Heritage (2017). (preprint) Vol. 12 (3), pp. 432-447

    Finite element macro-modeling approaches are widely used for the analysis of large-scale masonry structures. Despite their efficiency, they still face two important challenges: [...]

  • J. Wu, M. Cervera
    Materials (2017). (preprint) Vol. 10 (4), pp. 434

    Damage-induced strain softening is of vital importance for the modeling of localized failure in frictional-cohesive materials. This paper addresses strain localization of [...]

  • M. Cervera, C. Tesei
    Materials (2017). (preprint) Vol. 10 (4), pp. 433

    In this paper, an energy-equivalent orthotropic d+/d− damage model for cohesive-frictional materials is formulated. Two essential mechanical features are addressed, [...]

  • L. Benedetti, M. Cervera, M. Chiumenti
    Engineering Fracture Mechanics (2017). (preprint) Vol. 176, pp. 235–256

    The testing of mode III and mixed mode failure is every so often encountered in the dedicated literature of mechanical characterization of brittle and quasi-brittle [...]

  • Int. J. Mechanical Sciences (2017). (preprint) Vol. 122, pp. 215–227

    Pin geometry is a fundamental consideration in friction stir welding (FSW). It influences the thermal behaviour, material flow and forces during the weld and [...]

  • S. Salaustros, L. Pelà, M. Cervera, P. Roca
    Computational Mechanics (2017). (preprint) Vol. 59 (2), pp. 299–316

    Tracking algorithms constitute an efficient numerical technique for modelling fracture in quasi-brittle materials. They succeed in representing localized cracks in the numerical [...]

  • M. Chiumenti, X. Lin, M. Cervera, W. Lei, Y. Zheng, W. Huang
    Rapid Prototyping Journal (2017). (preprint) Vol. 23 (2), pp. 448-463

    In this work the numerical simulation of Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes is addressed. The numerical results are compared with the experimental campaign carried out [...]

  • International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (2017). (preprint) Vol. 88 (9), pp. 3099–3111

    This work describes the local–global strategy proposed for the computation of residual stresses in friction stir welding (FSW) processes. A coupling strategy between [...]

  • Archives of Comp. Meths. Engng. (2017). (preprint) Vol. 24 (1), pp. 198-225

    This paper deals with the numerical simulation of friction stir welding (FSW) processes. FSW techniques are used in many industrial applications and particularly in the aeronautic [...]

  • -. EPI
    El profesional de la información (2017). Vol. 26, (3), 138

  • M. Breeding
    El profesional de la información (2017). Vol. 26, (3), 137


  • A. Colorado-Castellary, I. Moreno-Sánchez
    El profesional de la información (2017). Vol. 26, (3), 136

    This research analyzes and catalogs the thousands of works rescued and deposited in safe places by the Spanish Republic during the Spanish Civil War and checks the destination [...]

  • D. Llanes-Padrón, M. Moro-Cabero
    El profesional de la información (2017). Vol. 26, (3), 135

    This article studies the main concepts, properties, attributes, and connections included in Records in contexts (RiC), a draft of a new conceptual model for record description [...]

  • M. Domínguez-Aroca
    El profesional de la información (2017). Vol. 26, (3), 134

    This paper aims to explain how the libraries in Sciences, Medicine, and Health Sciences at the University of Alcalá (UAH), Spain, have implemented information literacy (IL) [...]

  • C. Campillo-Alhama, A. Martínez-Sala
    El profesional de la información (2017). Vol. 26, (3), 133

    Municipal communication transcends the simple information about public services, activities, projects, and administrative procedures. Communicative and information strategies [...]

  • C. Campillo-Alhama, A. Martínez-Sala
    El profesional de la información (2017). Vol. 26, (3), 132

    La comunicación municipal trasciende la simple información sobre servicios públicos, actividades, proyectos o trámites administrativos. Las estrategias comunicativas y [...]

  • R. De-Miguel, T. Hanitzsch, S. Parratt, R. Berganza
    El profesional de la información (2017). Vol. 26, (3), 131

    Sociodemographic features and their relative weight related to the gender gap between male and female journalists in Spain are analyzed. A national representative survey of [...]

  • R. De-Miguel, T. Hanitzsch, S. Parratt, R. Berganza
    El profesional de la información (2017). Vol. 26, (3), 130

    Se analizan las características sociodemográficas y su peso relativo en la brecha de género entre los/as periodistas españoles/ as. Para ello se realizó una encuesta [...]

  • M. Goyanes, A. Vara-Miguel
    El profesional de la información (2017). Vol. 26, (3), 129

    The probability of paying for a digital newspaper in Spain is analyzed. Using a survey of a representative sample of 2,104 Spanish adults, we show, in general terms, the lack [...]