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Antonia Larese is an Associate Research Professor at CIMNE, and Associated Lecturer (professor 
vinculado) at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), where she teaches Strength of Materials and 
Structural Analysis undergraduate courses (2009-present) and Finite Elements (2008-present) and 
communications skills (2015-2017) master courses. 
She is a Civil Engineer (five years degree) by the University of Padua, Italy (2006), M.Sc.in Numerical 
Methods (2011) and PhD in Structural Analysis (2012) by the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). 
Her thesis was awarded by Extraordinary Doctorate Award by the UPC, and it was finalist for the 
best PhD thesis in numerical methods issued by the Spanish Society of Numerical Methods in 
Engineering (SEMNI). 
She has been the head of the official Master on Numerical Methods in Engineering of the UPC for 5 
years, being the responsible for the national and international accreditation process (EUR-ACE® Master). 
She has been a member of the board of study of the Master of Science in Computational Mechanics 
since 2008. 
She is an expert in computational mechanics and fluid structure interaction problems. She has 
worked with different numerical approaches, ranging from continuous to particle methods in both 
Lagrangian and Eulerian frameworks. She has worked on the development and combination of different 
numerical techniques for the analysis of coupled problems accounting for free surface flows, non-
Newtonian materials and fluid-structure interaction. Moreover, she is working on innovative immersed 
boundary methods (IBM) for fluid-structure interaction 
 She has published 11 JCR papers. She is the author of 48 proceedings in international congresses. 
She is author of 3 monographs and 2 book chapters and several other technical documents. 
She has been involved in 12 national and 5 European competitive projects and several private 
consultancies in the field of computational mechanics. She is actually principal investigator (PI) of a 
European and two Spanish competitive projects. 
She has been invited as plenary or keynote lecturer in 7 international congresses or workshops and 
she is actively collaborating with prestigious research groups in Europe. 
She is currently co-directing three doctoral students and has been director of more than 20 master 
She is a member of the Spanish Association for Numerical Methods (SEMNI) and a member of the 
young investigator section of SEMNI. She is a voting member of the Comité de Cálculo of the Spanish 
Committee on Large Dams (SpanCOLD) and collaborates with the European Working Group on Risk 
Assessment of the International Committee on Large Dams (ICOLD) European club. 
She is one of the main developers of KRATOS Multiphysics open source platform 


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