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The  Journal of  Sustainable   Construction   Materials and  Project   Management (JSCMPM) covers the topics, but not limited to: Recycled aggregates and dust for a massive and systematic constructions need and requirements; Managing [...]

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  • F. Wagaw, P. Quezon, A. Geremew, E. Quezon
    The International Journal of Engineering and Science (2018). Fisseha Wagaw, Prof. Emer Tucay Quezon, Anteneh Geremew. Evaluation of the Performance of Brick Dust as a Filler Material for Hot Asphalt Mix Design: A Case Study in Jimma Zone. The International Journal of Engineering and Science. 2018; 7(3): 64-72. DOI:10.9790/1813-0703026472

    A bituminous paving mixture is a mixture of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, and bitumen mixed in suitable proportion to result in a strong and durable mix in order to withstand [...]

  • International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (2016). Tarekegn Kumala, Prof. Emer T. Quezon, Bogale Shiferaw. Effect of Cycle Time and Signal Phase on Average Time Delay, Congestion and Level of Service: A Case Study at Hager Astedader Signalized Intersection in Addis Ababa. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research. 2016; 7(10): 524-530.

    High urbanization rate and Economic development have caused many challenges to transportation systems. Among these, long time delay and high fuel consumption of vehicles at [...]

  • D. Abdella, T. Abebe, P. Quezon, E. Quezon
    GSJ (2017). Dino Abdella, Tadesse Abebe, Prof. Emer Tucay Quezon. Regression Analysis of Index Properties of Soil as Strength Determinant for California Bearing Ratio (CBR). GSJ. 2017; 5(6): 1-12

    Investigation of the variation in different soil types and origins is an essential task for Geotechnical engineers. To overcome the effects of this change, the Geotechnical [...]

  • GJS (2017). Galeta Chala, Prof. Emer Tucay Quezon, Tarekegn Kumela. Effects of human behaviors and geometric factors in road traffic accidents: a case study along Sululta-Fiche road, Ethiopia. GSJ: 2017; 5(11). 163-172

    A road traffic accident was one of the severe problems which are affecting once’s a country and leading to death, injuries and property damage resulted in economic loss. [...]

  • M. Gurara, K. Getachew, E. Quezon, E. Quezon
    International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (2017). Mikiyas. J Gurara, Kabtamu Getachew, Emer Quezon. Effectiveness of using Geosynthetic Material for Improvement of Road Construction and Performance - Case Study on Adis Ababa. International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology. 2017; (6)2: 640-642

    The research is concerned with the Effectiveness of geosynthetic to improve the performance of the pavement. It has been done on road construction projects under Addis Ababa [...]

  • International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (2016). Yonas Ketema, Prof. Emer T. Quezon, Getachew Kebede. Cost and Benefit Analysis of Rigid and Flexible Pavement: A Case Study at Chancho –Derba-Becho Road Project. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research. 2016; 7(10): 181-188

    Road construction projects have been implemented all over Ethiopia as part of the national development plan. Roads are one of the country’s basic infrastructural facilities [...]

  • A. Dunffa, E. Quezon, E. Agon
    American Journal of Civil Engineering (2017). Anwar Kassahun Dunffa, Emer Tucay Quezon, Elmer De Castro Agon. Comparative Study of Labor-Based Method and Machine-Based Method at Rural Road Construction and Maintenance in Jimma Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. American Journal of Civil Engineering. Vol. 5, No. 4, 2017, pp. 212-219. doi: 10.11648/j.ajce.20170504.13

    The construction of physical infrastructure is contributory to poverty alleviation in every country. The road is one of the major components which is very significant in Ethiopia [...]

  • Y. Mamuye, E. Quezon, A. Geremew
    GSJ (Select a year). Yibas Mamuye, Emer Tucay Quezon, Anteneh Geremew. Combined Effects of Molasses-Lime Treatment on Poor Quality Natural Gravel Materials Used for Sub-Base and Base Course Construction. GSJ: V2018; 6(7): 621-633

    At the time of industrial development, the production of large amounts of wastage required proper disposal. To reduce the disposal problem, utilization of wastage in construction [...]

  • International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (2017). Damtew Tsige, Prof. Emer T. Quezon, Dr. Kifle Woldearegay. Geotechnical Conditions and Stability Analysis of Landslide Prone Area: A Case Study in Bonga Town, South-Western Ethiopia. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research. 2017; 8(4): 239-248

    There were several slides and associated ground subsidence which brought significant impact on the cracking of walls and floor of several private and governmental buildings [...]

  • International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (2017). Abenezer Takele, Emer T. Quezon, Tadesse Abebe. Investigation of the Damping Ratio and Shear Modulus of Soil along Light Rail Transit Route in Megenagna-Hayat Road. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research. 2017; 8 (1):111-122

    Soil vibration may also cause by the movement of heavy vehicles and train, which affect adjacent structures along the route. The response of soils for incoming vibration from [...]