research experience

  • Professor (Full) Civil & Construction Engineering & Management Streams (Ambo City - Ethiopia)

    Started: 2017-10-01 - Currently working.

    Construction Materials & project Management

    a) Various research works are ongoing related to Construction materials, Project management, pavement materials, traffic engineering, pavement drainage problems, and E-procurement readiness & adaptation in Ethiopia.

    b) Published most of the research papers conducted by MSc students.

    c) Guest Editor: American Journal of Civil Engineering (Innovative Construction Management Methods for Successfully Running Mega Projects).

    d) Co-authored 2 books published.

    e) Peer Reviewer on some reputable journals related to civil engineering & construction management related research.

  • Main Advisor for MSc Theses for construction materials related research, traffic engineering, pavement materials & geotechnical engineering. Civil Engineering Department Jimma University (Jimma City - Ethiopia)

    Started: 2012-03-01 - Finished: 2017-07-01

    Construction Engineering & Management, Highway Engineering, and Geotechnical Engineering

teaching experience

  • Professor Civil & Construction Engineering & Management Streams (Ambo City - Ethiopia)

    Started: 2017-10-01 - Currently working.

    a) Duties and Responsibilities (Institute of Technology, Ambo University)

    1. Prepared Curriculums and helped launch the MSc Programs in Civil Engineering (1. Construction Engineering & Management; and Highway Engineering,  2017 & 2018).
    2. The following courses are used to deliver for PG programs: a) Advanced Construction Methods; b) Research Methods; c) Advanced Procurement and Contract Management; d) Construction Materials; e) Construction of Highways & Bridges; f) Pavement Analysis & Design; g) Pavement Materials, h) Traffic Engineering & Management; i) Geotechnics for Highways; j) Road Safety Engineering.
    3. Attended meetings as a member of the Department Graduate Committee (DGC).
    4. Prepared entrance examinations for the shortlisted applicants in PG Programs every academic year.
    5. Participated in screening applicants for the PG programs according to the University Admission requirements.

    b) Guest Professor (Axum University, Jimma University, Arba Minch University, Addis Ababa Science & Technology University, Dire Dawa University, and Hawassa University)

    1. Helped to finalize MSc Construction Engineering & Management Curriculum of Axum Institute of Technology, Axum University(April-October 2020)
    2. Delivered courses in MSc Highway Engineering, MSc in Road & Transport Engineering, MSc Geotechnical Engineering, and MSc in Transportation Engineering Programs such as:

    a) Pavement Analysis & Design; b) Geotechnics for Highways; c) Construction of Highways & Maintenance; d) Traffic Engineering & Management; e) Pavement Materials; f) Research Methods; g) Ground Improvement; g) Freight Transport, Structure, Market & Technology; h) Design of Transportation Infrastructure Systems

    1. Act as External Examiner for MSc students Final Defense (Addis Ababa Science & Technology University, Arba Minch University, Hawassa University & Jimma University, Ethiopia).

    c) Guest MSc Thesis Main Advisor-November 2018-to date (Hawassa University, Jimma University, Addis Ababa Science & Technology, Arba Minch University, Arba Minch University, Dire Dawa University)

    1. Act as Main advisor for MSc students from Road & Transport Engineering, Highway Engineering, and Construction Technology & Management, Transportation Engineering, and Geotechnical Engineering.
    2. Invited as External examiner for various MSc Theses final defenses.
  • Associate Professor Construction Engineering & Management Stream Jimma University (Jimma City - Ethiopia)

    Started: 2012-03-01 - Finished: 2017-07-01

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Performed all duties and responsibilities required by the position as a Chair Holder of Construction Engineering & Management
    2. Provided student assistance and thesis advising.
    3. Teaching workload (at least 15 credit hours of instruction per week), preparation for classroom instructions, and Mid-exams and Final Exams.
    4. Produced file and distributed course notes, worksheets, and summaries according to policies and procedures.
    5. The following courses are used to teach, but not limited to:
    • Master’s Program in Construction Engineering and Management (MSc. CEM)
      • Construction of Highways and Bridges; b) Building Maintenance & Facility Management
      • Advanced Construction Methods, d) Heavy Equipment, Methods, and Techniques
    • Master’s Program in Highway Engineering (MSc. HE)
      • Transportation and Development; b) Highway Drainage & Slope Protection; c) Geotechnics for Highways; d) Construction of Highways and Bridges.
    • Master’s Program in Geotechnical Engineering (MSc. GE)
      • Geotechnics for Railways, Airfields & Offshore Engineering; b) Ground Improvement; c) Analysis of Slopes,
      • Earth Retaining Structures and Underground Structures; and d) Pavement Design and Management.

    March 27, 2012 – August 31, 2013: Assistant Professor - School of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Jimma Institute of Technology, Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Prepared Curriculums and help to launch the MSc Programs in Civil Engineering (1. Highway Engineering Program; Construction Engineering & Management Program;  and Geotechnical Engineering program in 2012 & 2013).
    2. Teaching workload (at least 15 credit hours of instruction per week) and preparation for the classroom
    3. Instructions as well as Mid-exams and Final Exams.
    4. Produced file and distributed course notes, worksheets, and summaries according to Policies and Procedures.
    5. Provided student assistance and thesis advising.
  • Assistant Professor Civil Engineering Department (Tuguegarao City - Philippines)

    Started: 1995-06-01 - Finished: 2003-03-01

    As a University Assistant Professor, the following subjects were used to deliver in the School of Graduate Studies and Undergraduate Studies:

    a) Transportation System Analysis & Operation, b) Highway Engineering, c) Numerical Methods, d) Water Resources Planning, e) Strength of Materials, f) Engineering Mechanics, g) Engineering Economy, and h) Steel &Timber Design.


  • PhD in Construction Project Management (By Coursework & Research)-Partial Scholar (Phenom Penh - Cambodia)

    Started: 2019-01-01 - Currently studying.

  • Doctor of Public Administration (Tuguegarao City - Philippines)

    Started: 2009-11-01 - Finished: 2010-11-01

  • Transportation Engineering (Full Scholar) University of the Philippines Diliman (Quezon City - Philippines)

    Started: 1992-11-01 - Finished: 1994-11-01

  • BSc in Civil Engineering (partial Scholar) (Tuguegarao City - Philippines)

    Started: 1984-06-01 - Finished: 1989-10-01

  • High School (Aritao - Philippines)

    Started: 1978-06-01 - Finished: 1982-03-01

  • Graduated (Best in math) (Aritao - Philippines)

    Started: 1972-03-01 - Finished: 1978-03-01

awards & achievements

  • 57 Research Articles & 2 Books Published as a Co-Author

    Date: 01/21Various Research papers published related to Construction Materials, Traffic Engineering, Construction Management, pavement Materials, Road Accident, and Geotechnical Engineering.

  • External Examiner

    Date: 03/20

    Doctoral Committee Member – Rostock University, Germany (Dated March 31 to November 20, 2020)

  • Guest Editor

    Date: 01/19

    American Journal of Civil Engineering (Innovative Construction Management Methods for Successfully Running  Mega Projects)

  • Leadership Award & Service Award

    Date: 03/89

    With the exemplary performance as President of the Supreme Student Council of the University of Saint Louis (Formerly Saint Louis of College of Tuguegarao), I was awarded the Leadership Award and Service Award by the University managment.

  • Doctor of Excellence in Civil Engineering (Honoris Causa)

    Date: 05/20

    On May 8, 2020, through the independent body and a few other Filipinos' recommendations, I was conferred a Doctor of Excellence in Civil Engineering by SUSL, Dominica due to exceptional experience, community service, professional & organizational membership, excellent performance, and other related participations & credentials.

other experience

  • Retired OIC-Assistant Division Chief, Maintenance Division, Department of Public Works & Highways, Region 02, Cagayan Valley region, Philippines

    August 2000 – March 26, 2012 (availed early retirement in March 2012)

    OIC Assistant Division Head (Engineer IV) Region IIMaintenance Division, Department of Public Works and Highways, Regional Office 02, Tuguegarao City3500, Cagayan, Philippines

    The following duties and responsibilities in the following work areas were performed:

    1) Designated Project Manager for Special Projects in the Region for at least 1 project per year

    • Directed and supervised the overall preparation, review, and execution of field operations.
    • Exercised day-to-day planning, implementation, and control in the execution of the project.
    • Prepared and submitted physical and financial disbursement of the project.
    • Prepared and submitted a certificate of work accomplished.

    2) Highway Construction and Maintenance Engineer

    • Prepared program of works, with detailed unit price analysis of materials, labor, and equipment.
    • Analyzed unit cost of items of works and compared with performance standards.
    • Conducted bridge inspections to assess the extent of defects for maintenance programming.
    • Validated road condition surveys conducted by District Engineering Offices in the entire Region 02.
    • Monitored implementation programs for preventive maintenance projects and road safety projects by the Eleven (11) District Engineering Offices in Cagayan Valley Region.
    • Inspected and evaluated completed projects as a member of the Special Quality Assurance Unit in the Region.


    PHILIPPINES (June 1997-November 2011)

    • Reviewed and evaluated contractor’s tender/bid documents as Member, Technical Working Group of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC-Region 02)
    • Conducted in-process and post-construction and post-maintenance, quality assurance for roads and bridges as a regular member of the Quality Assurance Unit in the Region
    • Reviewed and evaluated the traffic count survey submitted by the City Council of Tuguegarao for the formulation of an Approach and Strategic Traffic Evaluation Plan (ASTEP) for the Council.
    • Conducted Road Safety Review/Road Safety Audit and Accident Black-Spot Investigation and Crash Reduction Programs on all Asian Development Bank (ADB) assisted road projects and other national roads in Region 02
    • Member- Merits and Promotional Board, Region 02

    April 1990– July 2000

    Engineer II – Construction, Maintenance Division, and Planning & Design Division, Department of Public Works and Highways, Regional Office 02, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines

    • Supervised the implementation of various projects in the region.
    • Served as a Team Leader for roads and bridge inspection.
    • Conducted a road survey, prepared plan, and works program, with detailed cost analysis for road projects.
    • Conducted a brief feasibility study for the proposed improvement of Junction Daang Maharlika- Balzain Road, 1997 for the City Government Office of Tuguegarao.
    • Participated in the road survey works, preparation of plans, design, and detailed cost analysis.
    • Monitored Maintenance by Contract (Periodic Maintenance) Projects on roads and bridges implemented by the eleven (11) District Engineering Offices in Region 02.