Cement is one of the components of concrete plays a great role in the construction industry. Nevertheless, it is the most expensive and environmentally unfriendly material. Therefore, requirements for economical and more environmentally-friendly cementing materials have extended interest in other cementing materials that can be used as partial replacement of the ordinary Portland cement. This research was, conducted to examine the suitability of calcined termite hill clay powder as a cement replacing material in the production of C-25 grade concrete as a relief for this problem. The Termite Hill Clay sample was collected from Bokuluboma vicinity. The sample was calcined at the temperature of 650°C using muffle furnace, ground to the fineness of 150 µm and its chemical composition was investigated. Normal consistency and setting time of the paste having Ordinary Portland Cement and calcined termite hill clay powder from 0% to 40% replacement in 5% increment percentage investigated. The compressive strength of eight different concrete mixes with the CTHCP replacing the ordinary Portland cement prepared for 22MPa and 34MPa (i.e., for 7th and 28th days targeted compressive strength) concrete with water cement ratio of 0.5 and 360kg/m3 cement content. The properties of the mixture assessed both at the fresh and hardened state. Results revealed that calcined termite hill clay powder found pozzolanic and can partially replace cement. It has shown that up to 11.3% replacement of the ordinary Portland cement by CTHCP, the cubes achieved a target mean compressive strength of C-25 grade concrete at 28th day 34Mpa. Although, the replacement percentage greater than 11.3% of the cement of calcined termite hill clay powder in the concrete has shown a slightly lower compressive strength. Moreover, the mix indicated workable up to 25% replacement percentage and also the setting time of the paste containing calcined termite hill clay powder found faster than that of the control mix. Hence, it is concluded that CTHCP was suitable to replace cement partially with 11.3% replacement of cement by calcined termite hill clay powder as the optimal percentage of the production of C-25 grade concrete. The fresh concrete mix was workable up to 25% replacement, and the mineral admixture served as an accelerator which is suitable for cold weather concreting works.

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Published on 01/01/2019

DOI: 10.12691/ajcea-7-3-2
Licence: CC BY-NC-SA license

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