Scipedia: Communicating Science

Scipedia is a scientific and technical digital publisher and professional social network.

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Open Access

No fees, no embargo period, open access.

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Publish & Gain Visibility

Publish your work in Scipedia’s Open Access journals and gain visibility and impact.

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Connect & Collaborate

Connect and collaborate with researchers and technologists of any discipline from around the world.

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Peer-Review & Share Experience

An integral part of Scipedia’s mission is to publish journals of the highest quality with the greatest impact.

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Create, Import & Edit an Article

Scipedia offers a superior platform for visual edition of papers, including importation utilities from LaTeX or Microsoft Word, comments and discussions support, etc.

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Format and Structure of Papers

All articles published in Scipedia’s peer-reviews journals must follow international editorial standards in style and content.

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Create a New Publication

Scipedia was born with the vocation to cover all the fields of science and technology. May you cannot find a publication in the scope of your work. We will be glad to help you to create a new one.

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Signing up & Managing Profile

You will find lots of dials to turn in your account settings. Here are a few ways to ensure you are getting the most out of your membership right from the start.

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Reputation & Analytics

Analytics tool offers different information to help you to measure how much your contribution to Scipedia is esteemed and the attention your work is getting.

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Sponsoring & Other Editorial Services

Do you want information about Scipedia’s premium services?

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FAQs & Getting Support

Please, read our FAQs first.

If you don't find the answer, our support team is ready to help! Just contact us.

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