Help - Create, Import & Edit an Article

Scipedia embraces new technologies and formats to effectively generate and provide enriched contents. Scipedia offers a superior online platform for visual edition of articles, including importation utilities from LaTeX or Microsoft Word, comments and discussions support, etc. Furthermore, Scipedia's platform accepts supplementary material to enhance your publications. This includes video material, animation sequences, background datasets, computational models, sound clips and more.

Articles on which you are working can be submitted for publication at any moment by the main author (by clicking on 'SUBMIT FOR PUBLICATION' at the manuscript page). But the publication in Scipedia’s journals or archives occurs after an article has passed peer-review. This requires that a number of anonymous reviewers have approved a particular version of the article. Finally, the editor makes a final decision on the acceptance of the manuscript. The published article will be licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, unless otherwise is specifically expressed in the publishing terms of the journal. Please confirm the publishing conditions of the journal before submitting your manuscript.

The documents published in Scipedia's 'Collections' and 'Proceedings' will not be peer-reviewed. This type of publications offers the possibility to create repositories for proceedings of congresses, and personal or institutional repositories of technical (such as public project reports), scientific (such as thesis dissertations, research reports or self-archiving papers), or academic documents (such as textbooks).

The process of creation of a new paper can be started at any moment by selecting the option 'CREATE A DOCUMENT' from your user profile. After inserting the basic data of the document in the paper creation form, a page to edit the paper will be created. This page will only be accessible by the authors of the paper.

At any moment, the manuscript can be made public by the main author, by selecting the option 'SUBMIT FOR PUBLICATION' of the paper page.

Once the new paper page is created, the manuscript can be created from scratch using the editing tools available. Moreover, Scipedia offers utilities to import common formats used in scientific documents:

  • LaTeX (and TeX) format. The LaTeX files together with the figures to be inserted in the document have to be compressed in a single ZIP file.
  • Office Open XML format (standard format of Microsoft Word 2007 onwards).

To import documents in any of those formats, use the 'Import' utility in the paper page menu.

To start editing a paper, click on the 'Edit' tab at the top of the publication frame. This action will open the visual editor to edit the page. It can take a few seconds for the page to open for editing, and longer if the page is very long. For further information on the visual editor visit VisualEditor user guide.

As alternative, you can click on the 'Edit source' tab at the top of the frame to start the wikitext editor. It uses LaTex format for formulae. For further information on the wikitext editor visit Source editor guide.