Help - Create a New Journal

Scipedia was born with the vocation to cover all fields of science and technology. Maybe you cannot find a suitable journal in your scope of work. If you want to propose the creation of a new journal, we will be glad to study your proposal.

An integral part of Scipedia's mission is to publish journals of the highest quality and the greatest impact, presenting innovative research to the widest possible audience. Scipedia is committed to ensure that its journals are broadly disseminated, so that researchers worldwide are able to freely access their content. Every new created journal in Scipedia will have an ISSN number assigned, and will be indexed in the main citation databases once it fulfills the required conditions. Note that 'journal' is often used in Scipedia as a generic term to identify a publication that may not necessarily be a strictly scientific or academic journal (such as collections of research reports, proceedings of series of conferences or institutional repositories).

Requests for the creation of new journals will be evaluated by the Scipedia Advisory Board. If the request is accepted, the new journal will be created and the applicants will be granted editor privileges for that journal. The editorial board of any new Scipedia journal must have at least two editors with more than 1000 reputation points. In exceptional cases, editors of the new journals with less than 1000 reputation points may also be appointed by invitation of the Scipedia Advisory Board.

In case you will be interested in creating a new collection, such as an institutional or thematic open data repository, do not hesitate to contact us. Requests for the creation of new collections will be evaluated by the Scipedia staff. If the request is accepted, the new collection will be created and the applicants will be granted editor privileges for that collection.

If you are interested in becoming an editor of a new Scipedia journal or want to create a new collection please complete this form.

'Journal' is often used in Scipedia as a generic term to identify any type of publication (a basic container of articles and other documents). Therefore the term 'journal' used in that sense, can refer to publications that are not strictly journals. In particular journals of type 'collection' offer the possibility to create repositories for proceedings of congresses or institutional or personal repositories of technical (such as public project reports), scientific (such as thesis dissertations, research reports or self-archiving papers) or academic documentation (such as textbooks).

Scipedia offers you a free platform to facilitate the delivering of technical and scientific documents to the widest audience. If you are interested in publishing in Scipedia the proceedings of a congress or your institutional repository please complete this form.

The main characteristics of the types of publications available in Scipedia are:

  • 'Journal' is a peer-reviewed publication that will contain original research articles in the field of the journal (scientific journals) or papers aiming to exchange and discuss novel and creative ideas on theoretical and experimental research (academic journals).
  • 'Archive' is a peer-reviewed publication that will publish survey papers with a deliberately integrative and up-to-date perspective on a major topic in the field of the journal.
  • 'Collection' can be an institutional or thematic repository of any type of technical and scientific document (such as thesis dissertations, state-of-the-art review papers, historical papers or research reports). Collections give the opportunity to researchers and technologists to freely publish and facilitate open access to their research activities. Collections offer the opportunity for scholars and research communities to increase their visibility in the global scientific community. Both institutional, personal or thematic repositories can be created in Scipedia as a Collection. The documents published as Collections may not follow the standards defined in Scipedia for papers published in the other journal types.
  • 'Proceedings' will contain a collection of academic or scientific papers, extended abstracts or presentation recordings, published in the context of a conference or series of conferences.