Help - Signing up & Managing Profile

Scipedia is a professional network where scientists, researchers and professionals in science and technology can share and access knowledge, expertise and the outcome of their work. Users are required to sign up with a professional email address so that it can be verified that the user is member of the organization he claims to be.

The registration procedure must assure the identity of the user and that he/she is a member of the organization he/she claims to belong to. During the verification phase of the account, the status of the user is anonymous. An anonymous user can still browse Scipedia contents, and read all Scipedia publications and discussion pages.

The following considerations have to be taken into account for the signing-up of new users:

  • The user must sign up with a professional email. This implies that the user must confirm the ownership of the account by answering an email sent to the corporate/institutional address. Once the email address is verified and the corporation/institution is registered, the user profile is active as a registered user.
  • The corporate/institutional account (e.g. must be active before the user is registered. If the corporation/institution is not recognized by Scipedia, please follow the normal registration procedure to request an account. The request should be processed within one working day. In the meantime, you will have access to Scipedia as a guest user.
  • Changes in the current position of the user must be verified by adding and verifying a new corporate email.
  • Independent researchers or technologists can join Scipedia using a personal email (e.g. "") following the normal registration procedure to request an account. They will be granted access to Scipedia as a guest user. Guest users can browse Scipedia contents, read all Scipedia publications and discussion pages, and add comments on published papers. If you want to obtain the privileges of a registered user, please complete your profile with details of your present and past institutional affiliations, field of research, and publications, preferably with supporting links. Then, email us and we will be happy to look into your account request manually.

Once you have logged into Scipedia, select 'Profile' in the top menu to access your profile. Then, you can click on the pencil icon next to your personal data to edit your profile's basic information.

You can complete your profile by uploading a photo and adding your publications (out of Scipedia) and experience by selecting the corresponding options in the Profile menu.