Help - Sponsoring & Other Editorial Services

Our ambition is to publish journals of the highest quality and with the greatest impact with no fees payable as a publishing cost and with immediate and unrestricted access granted to the published articles. We have been able to reduce to the bare minimum the edition and publication costs, thanks to our self-publishing tools, the collaborative approach and our automation solutions.
Nevertheless, there are still some minor publishing costs that can be covered by our sponsors. We will be glad to receive your request to sponsor one of our journals and give visibility to your support.
For further information about sponsoring journals, please contact us

Scipedia also offers companies and institutions the possibility to sponsor events in Scipedia. Your company and institution will be promoted among the Scipedia user community through a call for a contest or projects in specific topic or the announcement of a prize for the best research articles published in a defined subject and term.
For further information about our sponsored events, please contact us.

Scipedia's offer of editorial services is completed with the following premium services:

Translation of articles
The vast majority of scientific and technical documents today are published in English. And English will also be the main language in Scipedia.

If you need help with the translation of your paper into English, let our experts take care of it.

For further information about our translation service, please contact us.

Scipedia will offer an alternative paid peer-review service, in case the user wants to accelerate the review process of the paper. This service will follow the standard blind peer-review procedure used in most scientific journals, where the reviewers of the paper will be assigned by the editorial board of the magazine.

For further information about our translation service, please contact us.

Edition of eBooks and printed versions
You can use the different exportation utilities available in Scipedia to generate eBooks (EPUB or MOBI format) or PDF versions of the different document published in Scipedia. But in case you need professional support to edit and publish a book (printed or electronic), Scipedia can offer premium editorial services for this purpose.

For further information about our editorial services, please contact us.