• A. Rodríguez, E. Oñate, J. Marcipar
    Monograph CIMNE (2017). M175

    Optimization of the use of resources and adaptability of the structures to their environment are new concerns in architecture and structural engineering. At the same time, [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2015). M153

    Progressive fracture in quasi-brittle materials such as concrete, rocks, soils, is often treated as strain softening in continuum damage mechanics. Such constitutive relations [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2017). M174

    The development of high-speed train lines has increased significantly during the last twenty-five years, leading to more demanding loads in railway infrastructures. Most of [...]

  • J. Cotela, E. Oñate, R. Rossi
    Monograph CIMNE (2016). M159

    This work explores the use of stabilized finite element formulations for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations to simulate turbulent flow problems. Turbulence is a challenging [...]

  • J. Valdés, E. Oñate, J. Miquel
    Monograph CIMNE (2007). M107

    Nowadays, fluid-structure interaction problems are a great challenge of different fields in engineering and applied sciences. In civil engineering applications, wind flow [...]

  • C. Estruch, E. Oñate, B. Suárez, J. Marcipar
    Monograph CIMNE (2016). M164

    En la presente tesis doctoral se propone desarrollar, construir y validar experimentalmente un nuevo Concepto de Puente de Vigas Hinchables Ligero, Modular y Portátil [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2000). M56

    En esta tesis se describe el desarrollo e implementación de un sistema informático para el tratamiento de toda la información necesaria para un análisis [...]

  • E. Soudah, E. Oñate, M. Cervera
    Monograph CIMNE (2016). M167

    In recent years, the study of computational hemodynamics within anatomically complex vascular regions has generated great interest among clinicians. The progress in computational [...]

  • F. Perazzo, E. Oñate, J. Miquel
    Monograph CIMNE (2003). M81

    Las principales aportaciones de la tesis se pueden circunscribir a los siguientes ámbitos: Por un lado explicar y desarrollar la formulación del MPF [...]

  • F. Salazar, E. Oñate, M. Toledo
    Monograph CIMNE (2017). M170

    Dam behaviour is difficult to predict with high accuracy. Numerical models for structural calculation solve the equations of continuum mechanics, but are subject to considerable [...]

  • G. Casas, E. Oñate, R. Rossi
    Monograph CIMNE (2018). M181

    In this work we study the numerical simulation of particle-laden fluids, with an emphasis on Newtonian fluids and spherical, rigid particles. Our general strategy consists [...]

  • A. Coll, P. Dadvand, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (2014). M146

    Nowadays large part of the time needed to perform a numerical simulation is spent in preprocessing, especially in the geometry cleaning operations and mesh generation. Furthermore, [...]

  • R. Zorrilla, E. Oñate, R. Rossi
    Monograph CIMNE (2020). M189

    This monograph develops a numerical tool (the Virtual Wind Tunnel, VWT) for the reso-lution of problems involving fluid flow around structures. Due to the limitations that [...]

  • M. Santasusana, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (2016). M168

    This works encompasses a broad review of the basic aspects of the Discrete Element Method for its application to general granular material handling problems with special emphasis [...]

  • A. Franci, E. Oñate, J. Carbonell
    Monograph CIMNE (2015). M155

    The objective of this work is the derivation and implementation of a unified Finite Element formulation for the solution of fluid and solid mechanics, Fluid-Structure Inter- [...]

  • V. Cardoso, E. Oñate, S. Botello
    Monograph CIMNE (2019). M184

    The Discrete Element Method has been used to simulate fracture dynamics beacuse its inherent capacity to reproduce multi-body interaction, but in the case of elasticity mechanics [...]

  • D. Capua, A. Marí, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (2009). M113

    Cuando una estructura de hormigón armado queda expuesta a la acción del fuego se producen, tanto en el hormigón como en el acero, un conjunto de fenómenos [...]

  • X. Diego, E. Oñate, M. Chiumenti
    Monograph CIMNE (2014). M144

    Cell migration is a fundamental element in a variety of physiological and pathological processes. Alteration of its regulatory mechanisms leads to loss of cellular adhesion [...]

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    El trabajo que se expone ha hecho uso de los últimos avances en mecánica computacional, métodos numéricos, visualización y algoritmos de [...]

  • I. Pouplana, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (2018). M177

    The objective of this monograph is the derivation and implementation of a robust Finite Element formulation for the solution of solid-pore fluid coupled problems in multi-fractured [...]

  • C. Labra, E. Oñate, J. Rojek
    Monograph CIMNE (2012). M132

    Modelling of granular materials, soils and rocks has been a challenging topic of investigation for decades. Classical continuum mechanics has been used to idealize soils and [...]

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    Monograph CIMNE (1997). M35

    Se presenta la descripción Lagrangiana Generalizada para el análisis estático de sólidos con no linealidad geométrica. Se describen las [...]

  • J. López, S. Oller, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (1998). M46

    La mampostería es uno de los materiales de construcción con mayor abanico de usos, ya sea en el pasado como en el presente, así es como hoy en día [...]

  • P. Ryzhakov, E. Oñate, R. Rossi, S. Idelsohn
    Monograph CIMNE (2010). M121

    Lagrangian finite element methods emerged in fluid dynamics when the deficiencies of the Eulerian methods in treating free surface flows (or generally domains undergoing [...]

  • A. Hanganu, A. Barbat, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (1997). M39

    Se desarrolla la formulación de un  Nuevo índice de daño global riguroso, general, selectivo y objetivo. En base a ésta se propone una metodología [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2014). M148

    The proposal of an artificial bladder is still a challenge to overcome. Bladder cancer is among the most frequent cases of oncologic diseases in United States and Europe. [...]

  • H. Lynga, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (2007). M104

    The main objective of this monograph is to develop a stabilized finite element method (FEM) for solving the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. Using Finite Calculus [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2000). M57

    La principal dificultad que se encuentra en el momento de diseñar estructuras con materiales compuestos es la falta de modelos constitutivos que permitan si- mular [...]

  • J. Carbonell, E. Oñate, B. Suárez
    Monograph CIMNE (2010). M116

    The present work introduces a new application of the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM) for the modeling of excavation problems. Lagrangian descriptions of motion of the [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (1991). M7

    This monograph presents 4 lectures on non linear analysis of concrete shells by the finite element method. The lectures were prepared by the author for the course on "Non [...]

  • A. Larese, E. Oñate, R. Rossi
    Monograph CIMNE (2012). M133

    Rockfill dams are nowadays often preferred over concrete dams because of their economic advantages, their flexible and thank to the great advance achieved in geosciences and [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2012). M130

    We present three new stabilized finite element (FE) based Petrov–Galerkin methods for the convection–diffusion–reaction (CDR), the Helmholtz and the Stokes [...]

  • A. Eijo, E. Oñate, S. Oller
    Monograph CIMNE (2014). M149

    Although laminated materials have been used for decades, their employment has increased nowadays in the last years as a result of the gained confidence of the industry on [...]

  • J. Estupiñan, E. Oñate, B. Suárez
    Monograph CIMNE (1999). M47

    En este trabajo se desarrollan diferentes métodos evolutivos para la optimización topológica de estructuras resistentes: Algoritmo Genético, Estrategias [...]

  • P. Dadvand, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (2008). M109

    The world of computing simulation has experienced great progresses in recent years and requires more exigent multidisciplinary challenges to satisfy the new upcoming demands. [...]

  • H. Tschöpe, E. Oñate, P. Wriggers
    Monograph CIMNE (2001). M61

    The objective of this monograph is to apply the computation methods for critical points to more complex mechanical problems involving inequality constraints. Prior to this [...]

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    Monograph Series in Earthquake Engineering, editor A. H. Barbat (1994). MIS4, ISBN: 84-87867-40-5

    There is a general interest in civil engineering to quantify the damage produced in structures by catastrophic actions. It would be convenient, from a practical point of view, [...]

  • G. Gavidia, E. Soudah, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (2012). M131

    En este trabajo, se estableció una metodología de soporte al diagnostico de AD, principalmente en sus etapas MCI ocasionado por AD y demencia ocasionada por [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2010). M115

    In this monograph we have focused on understanding the basic physical principles of multi-fluid flows and the difficulties that arise in their numerical simulation. We have [...]

  • I. Iaconeta, E. Oñate, A. LARESE
    Monograph CIMNE (2019). M188

    Bulk handling, transport and processing of granular materials and powders are fundamental operations in a wide range of industrial processes and geophysical phenomena. Particulate [...]

  • K. Kamran, E. Oñate, S. Idelsohn, R. Rossi
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    The development of efficient algorithms to understand implosion dynamics presents a number of challenges. The foremost challenge is to efficiently represent the coupled compressible [...]

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    Este trabajo analiza las posibilidades de simulación numérica del flujo aerodinámico alrededor de vehículos automotores, desde un doble punto de [...]

  • J. Jovicevic, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (1998). M43

    In this research work, the studies of the previous authors have been applied and expanded to other types of structural problems: Euler-Bernoulli beams, axisymmetric shells [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2021). M192

    It is well known that in civil engineering structures are designed so that they remain, whenever possible, in an elastic regime and with their mechanical properties intact. [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2000). M59

    En este trabajo se presenta una metodología basada en el método de los elementos finitos para el análisis de problemas de flujo incompresible en fluidodinámica [...]

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    En este trabajo se han dedicado cinco capítulos a la exposición y discretización de un modelo clásico no lineal de viga Cosserat por medio del [...]

  • P. Cendonya, E. Oñate, J. Miquel
    Monograph CIMNE (1997). M36

    Los objetivos de este trabajo se enmarcan en el análisis de estructuras laminares delgadas sometidas a un régimen dinámico de cargas, que dan origen a [...]

  • C. Recarey, E. Oñate, J. Miquel, F. Zárate, J. Rojek, S. Burrell
    Monograph CIMNE (2005). M93

    Se presenta un modelo numérico que emplea elementos discretos esféricos o también denominados elementos distintos. Este modelo se aplica en la simulación [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2020). M190

    This document contains the result resulting from the work in the doctoral thesis Innovative mathematical and numerical models for studying the deformation of shells during [...]

  • N. Lafontaine, E. Oñate, R. Rossi, C. Pu
    Monograph CIMNE (2016). M158

    In this work, a new modal reanalysis algorithm based on AMLS method is proposed for local, nontop ological,high rank modifications. Instead of using some perturbation technique[44, [...]

  • J. Miquel, E. Oñate, J. Buil, E. Herrero
    Monograph CIMNE (1991). M5

    Se desarrolla en este trabajo un estudio numérico-experimental acerca del comportamiento dinámico de las presas bóvedas considerando su interacción [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2003). M87

    The document presents a numerical model of rocks and soils using spherical Discrete Elements, also called Distinct Elements. The motion of spherical elements is described [...]

  • E. Soudah, R. López, M. Bordone, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (2008). M108

    The two main lines of medical research in this project are vascular anatomy (large vessels around the heart, coronaries and peripheral arteries) and heart chambers. Geometric [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2014). M143

    This work deals with the development and application of the Finite Point Method (FPM) to compressible aerodynamics problems. The research focuses mainly on investigating [...]

  • R. Otín, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (2011). M123

    In this work we present an alternative approach to the usual finite element formulation based on edge elements and double-curl Maxwell equations. This alternative approach [...]

  • A. Puigferrat, E. Oñate, I. Pouplana
    Monograph CIMNE (2021). M193, 114 pp.

    The objective of the work is to develop a numerical tool to describe how the concentration of one or more substances distributed in a fluid environment changes under the effect [...]

  • F. Rastellini, S. Oller, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (2007). M100

    La respuesta mecánica de los materiales compuestos depende del comportamiento de los materiales componentes y de su micro‐estructura. Para mejorar y optimizar [...]

  • E. Oñate, J. Piazzese, J. Dolz, M. Gómez, E. Bladé
    Monograph CIMNE (2005). M92

    The objective of the RAMFLOOD project is to develop and validate a new decision support system (DSS) for the risk assessment and management of emergency scenarios due to severe [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2006). M95

    A method is presented for the solution of an incompressible viscous fluid flow with heat transfer and solidification using a fully Lagrangian description of the motion. [...]

  • T. Fischer, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (1996). M34

    The monograph presents recent developments on the solution of high speed compressible flow problems using finite element and finite point (meshless) methods with adaptive [...]

  • E. Balsa, J. Mora, J. Banga, E. Oñate
    Monograph CIMNE (2003). M86

    This  monographs of proceedings includes all extended abstracts, which will be presented during the AfoT. These presentations will cover a wide range of topics: - [...]

  • M. Kouhi, E. Oñate, G. Bugeda
    Monograph CIMNE (2013). M140

    This work covers a contribution to two most interesting research fields in aerodynamics, the finite element analysis of high-speed compressible flows (Part I) and aerodynamic [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (1993). M23

    This monograph presents different finite element based mathematical models and computational methods for numerical simulation of industrial sheet metal forming processes.

  • Monograph CIMNE (1991). M3

    Se presenta una panorámica del estado del arte de los métodos más actuales para análisis de estructuras con materiales compuestos, incidiendo particularmente [...]


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