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La revista Gaceta Técnica es una publicación semestral y constituye un  espacio académico para la divulgación de trabajos científicos originales, de carácter interdisciplinario y multidisciplinario relacionados con el campo [...]

Documents published in Scipedia

  • Z. Giménez, M. Briceño
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 20 (1), 8

    The architecture, engineering and construction industry has great activity and importance, it moves other areas to satisfy the infrastructure needs of most economic and social [...]

  • Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21, 2

    This is the review of the Structural Engineering Update course carried out at the Regional Center for Technological Developments for Seismology and Seismic Engineering Construction [...]

  • K. Rivero, A. Aguilar, J. Ortiz
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21, 1

    Simulation models are widely used for the design and management of urban drainage systems, such as the SWMM Stormwater Management Model. However, the quality of its results [...]

  • H. Merino, J. Morejón, L. Garzón, D. Cuasapaz
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21, 7

    The Portoviejo – Manta road is a main land communication artery in the province of Manabí in Ecuador, a fundamental axis in the country's economic, social [...]

  • Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21, 3

    Editorial: Greater visibility of Gaceta Técnica journal

  • G. Josue, C. Valero, F. Jesús, S. Carrasquero
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21, 6

    This paper refers to the design and calculation of a 30,00 m section of metal beam, for a proposed railway bridge in the city of El Vigía, capital of the Alberto Adriani [...]

  • A. Giménez, M. Olavarrieta, A. Acero, J. Chong, K. Ramones, L. Reinoza
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21, 4

    The methodology for calculating the Prioritization Index for the Management of Seismic Risk in existing Buildings, came out as a result of the poor performance of structures [...]

  • R. Arias
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21, 5

    In November 2019, the Lara State Construction Camera promoted two activities related to the introduction of Building Information Modeling BIM methodology. The first one, the [...]

  • J. Pérez
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 20 (2), 9

  • N. López
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 20 (2), 14

    This paper shows a revision of the text Structural Dynamics Applied to the Seismic Design of Professor Luis Enrique García Reyes, from the Universidad de los Andes, [...]



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