Volume 19, 2019

  • N. López
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 14

    This paper shows a revision of the text Structural Dynamics Applied to the Seismic Design of Professor Luis Enrique García Reyes, from the Universidad de los Andes, [...]

  • M. Córdova, D. Díaz, J. Novoa, J. Alayo
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 13

    This research aims at to evaluate the effect of steel fiber on concrete specimens under compressive strength. The compression strength test was determined in three groups [...]

  • J. López, J. Aguirre, F. Carrera, E. Merino
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 12

    The engineering projects have a plan of activities to be carried out in an estimated initial time, which is contrasted with the real time that the execution of the project [...]

  • Y. Ramírez
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 11

    The objective of this article is to present an investigation in which the case study method was used using a group control, to apply the flipped classroom model in a rigid [...]

  • J. Ayala, C. Murillo
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 10

    This paper is about the experimental determination of the active lateral pressure distribution of a granular soil on a rigid retaining wall undergoing a horizontal translation [...]

  • J. Pérez
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 9

  • Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 8

    Dynamic characterization of structures from field measurements is useful for different purposes (e.g. retrofit validation, model updating, structural health monitoring, etc.). [...]

  • G. Fernández
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 6

    Barquisimeto, capital del Estado Lara, Venezuela, cuenta con un Plan de Desarrollo Urbano Local aprobado en agosto de 2003 cuya vigencia se estimaba hasta el 2016, razón [...]

  • D. Rodríguez, W. Torrealba, J. Rincón
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 5

    The research work presented was carried out with the purpose of evaluating GISWater and HECgeoRAS Geographic Information System (GIS) related tools, which function as a connection [...]

  • N. López, R. Ugel, R. Herrera
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 4

    This research presents the behavior of a real scale experimental column-beam joint formed by three reinforced concrete elements, 1 column and 2 beams, attached to a structural [...]

  • D. Cuasapaz
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 3

    This paper presents the analysis of ten structural models of steel structure buildings, using different lateral concentric arches, with software Etabs-16 and Sap2000. to make [...]

  • N. López, R. Ugel, R. Herrera
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 1

    In this research the behavior of a real scale experimental joint (column-beam joint) formed by three reinforced concrete elements, 1 column and 2 beams, attached to a structural [...]

  • C. Romero, A. Portillo
    Gaceta Técnica (2019). Vol. 19, 2

    This research aims to analyze the elastoplastic behavior of welded connections of square section steel tubes subjected to monotonic loading, by means of the theoretical - [...]

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