Volume 21(1)

  • Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21(1), 3

    Editorial: Greater visibility of Gaceta Técnica journal

  • H. Merino, J. Morejón, L. Garzón, D. Cuasapaz
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21(1), 7

    The Portoviejo – Manta road is a main land communication artery in the province of Manabí in Ecuador, a fundamental axis in the country's economic, social [...]

  • G. Josue, C. Valero, F. Jesús, S. Carrasquero
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21(1), 6

    This paper refers to the design and calculation of a 30,00 m section of metal beam, for a proposed railway bridge in the city of El Vigía, capital of the Alberto Adriani [...]

  • R. Arias
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21(1), 5

    In November 2019, the Lara State Construction Camera promoted two activities related to the introduction of Building Information Modeling BIM methodology. The first one, the [...]

  • A. Giménez, M. Olavarrieta, A. Acero, J. Chong, K. Ramones, L. Reinoza
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21(1), 4

    The methodology for calculating the Prioritization Index for the Management of Seismic Risk in existing Buildings, came out as a result of the poor performance of structures [...]

  • K. Rivero, A. Aguilar, J. Ortiz
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21(1), 1

    Simulation models are widely used for the design and management of urban drainage systems, such as the SWMM Stormwater Management Model. However, the quality of its results [...]

  • Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21(1), 2

    This is the review of the Structural Engineering Update course carried out at the Regional Center for Technological Developments for Seismology and Seismic Engineering Construction [...]

Volume 21 (2)

  • J. Pérez
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21(1), (Volume 21 (2)), 13

  • T. Ziad, A. Verdezoto, F. Felix, C. Montes, O. Beatriz, R. Medina
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21(1), (Volume 21 (2)), 10

    In Guayaquil-Ecuador, Av. Pedro Menéndez Gilbert is a main road with a designed capacity of 9000 vehicles/h, currently presenting traffic congestion problems, which [...]

  • F. Valdivia-Cortés, J. Wallbaum, J. Pérez
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21(1), (Volume 21 (2)), 11

    The imminent emergence of 5G networks in the Chilean telecommunications market has made it essential to anticipate the possible imbalances that these could reach when any [...]

  • L. Joscley, C. Aguilar, E. Maricielo, P. Carieles, C. Eduardo, P. González
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21(1), (Volume 21 (2)), 9

    This article is about the elaboration of a special plan for a zone of the Macrosector Center of Barquisimeto, derived from a situational analysis of the urban structure, social [...]

  • Á. Báez, C. Lacruz
    Gaceta Técnica (2020). Vol. 21(1), (Volume 21 (2)), 12

    A series of urban proposals is presented below, designed to connect the historic center of the city of Barquisimeto in Venezuela, with other sectors of the city. Large buildings [...]

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