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  • History of documents (revisions)

    During the process of reviewing the articles, different changes are usually made in the document, and in some cases, it can be useful to revisit a previous version. You, as reviewer or author, can always access the different versions of the document through the "History" menu option (next to "Review").

    In the History page, you only need to click on the date of the revision to access that particular version. There is also a tool that allows to compare the changes between two versions.

    This utility to save the document revisions is also available (just for the authors) once the document has been published. Its main goal is to allow the authors to add data files, videos and any other additional information, which was not included in the first version.

  • Edit your manuscript during the review

    If you are familiar with the Wiki format, you can make any changes in the manuscript using the Wiki editor ('Edit' menu option) or the Wiki visual editor ('VisualEditor' menu option). These are usually the preferred options in case of minor changes in the manuscript.
    In the case of major changes, it is probably easiest to make the necessary changes in the original Word or LaTeX document and then reimport it, by using the 'RE-IMPORT' option of the right hand side panel.

  • How to embed a Prezi presentation in your document

    You can embed a Prezi presentation in your document, in three easy steps:

    1. Copy the link to your Prezi presentation (at Prezi.com).
    2. Edit the section of your document and insert a picture / thumbnail of your presentation.
    3. Add a link to your Prezi presentation to the thumbnail. 

    The resulting code will be something like:

     [[File thumbnail.jpg | link=http://prezi.com/prezidata]]

    The final result will be similar to that shown in section "PRESENTACIÓN" of the following document:


  • How to embed a Youtube video in your document

    It is easy to embed a Youtube video in your presentation. You just need to copy the URL of your video, edit the section of your presentation and insert the following code. 

    {| style="font-size:75%; color: #222222; border: 1px solid darkgray; background: #f3f3f3; table-layout: fixed; width:100%;"
    | {{#evt:service=youtube|id=[Youtube link https://youtube_link]|alignment=center}}
    |- style="text-align: center;" 
    | Video 1. Caption. 

    Finally, overwrite the text "youtube_link" with the URL of your video, and replace the text "Video 1. Caption." with the caption of your video. 

    The result will be similar to that shown in section 5.1.2 of the following document:


  • How to create a new journal or repository in Scipedia

    Do you want to create a new journal, collection (open repository) or publish the proceedings of a conference in Scipedia?

    If you want to create a new journal in Scipedia, see [[#_RefFAQS_CPRO2|How can I create a collection or repository of my organization, community or research project?]]

    If you want to create a new collection in Scipedia, see [[#_RefFAQS_MCJ1|How can I create my personal repository?]]

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