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I hold a PhD in Education (specialized in Educational technology) and an MA in English philology. From 1999, I work at Galicia Supercomputing Center (Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia, CESGA), as coordinator of E-learning Area. Previously I worked as an English language teacher in public and private schools. 
Since 1999, I have participated in more than 40 research projects dealing with ICT applied to various learning processes at national and international levels, coordinating some of them. Currently, I'm coordinating three educational research projects, "Rede de Escolas na Nube Project" (network of rural schools in the Cloud), in collaboration with a private ICT company, Balidea Consulting & Programming, and Galician ministry of education. Then, two centralized multilateral Comenius projects: "ICT-Go-Girls! Promoting entrepreneurship among secondary school girls through ICT", and a recently approved one: "Cloud Computing for School Networking & Learning", that deepens in the same subject of rural schools and technologies, but now at a European level.


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