• Y. Ghobadi Gholoujeh, H. Ghasemi, Y. ghobadi
    Collection of Sociological Proceeding (2021). 1

    The purpose of the present study is to examine the feasibility of Turkey’s accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in response to the EU's procrastination [...]

  • P. Yanes
    Acta Sociológica (2016). Vol. 70 pp. 129-149

    Given the profound changes in the world of work and the increasing restrictions manifested by conditional transfer programs to overcome the intergenerational transmission [...]

  • G. M.
    Acta Sociológica (2015). Vol. 66 pp. 167-176

  • P. Villagómez
    Acta Sociológica (2016). Vol. 70 pp. 99-128

    In this article I discuss both conceptually and empirically the existence of a social norm about what is considered necessary in the field of food, and I analyze the capacity [...]

  • T. Cuéllar
    Acta Sociológica (2014). Vol. 63 pp. 125-139

  • J. Nafarrate, N. Luhmann
    Acta Sociológica (2015).

  • S. Tischler
    Acta Sociológica (2013). Vol. 62 pp. 31-43

    With the purpose of thinking revolutionary change, we expose certain notions oriented towards accounting for the crisis of the classical subject of the revolution and the [...]

  • E. Ledesma
    Acta Sociológica (2015). Vol. 67 pp. 111-139

    The present article has as objective to establish an analysis of the problem of the reflexivity of the technological forms of life exposed by Scott Lash, through the identification [...]

  • E. Ledesma
    Acta Sociológica (2015).

  • G. Seghezzo
    Acta Sociológica (2015). Vol. 66 pp. 61-99

    The practices of the security forces, and more specifically, the deep violent matrix that crosses, have become a privileged object in the field of knowledge production in [...]

  • G. Sancho
    Acta Sociológica (2013). Vol. 62 pp. 105-134

    For the last two decades, the expansion of Internet access as well as the new developments of the Information Technologies (it ), have transformed the forms of management, [...]

  • M. Rajs
    Acta Sociológica (2014).

    As part of a comprehensive study about violence against women (VaW) and media, we used a method of content analysis of newspapers, television and radio news in Mexico in two [...]

  • F. Fernández
    Acta Sociológica (2014).

  • M. Reyes, M. López
    Acta Sociológica (2016). Vol. 70 pp. 245-270

    In the measurement of poverty, the role of wages in the formation of household income has not been taken into account explicitly. The minimum wage arises in capitalist economies [...]

  • M. Torres, J. Parra, F. Arellano
    Acta Sociológica (2014). Vol. 65 pp. 65-95

    The levels of violence and insecurity in Mexico have grown significantly since 2006, while female deaths with presumption of homicide rose alarmingly. In this paper we will [...]

  • R. Flores
    Acta Sociológica (2015). Vol. 67 pp. 165-192

    This article aims to show the main proposals of Ulrich Beck about how the technological risks function in the context of the so-called second modernity, in order to expose [...]

  • A. Amador, A. Domínguez
    Acta Sociológica (2014). Vol. 65 pp. 151-171

    The armed conflict faced by Colombian population from this last half century has produced more than five million displaced people in recent decades (near to 10% of the national [...]

  • K. Oyarzún
    Acta Sociológica (2013). Vol. 61 pp. 101-126

    This paper discusses biopolitics, production and reproduction of the labor force, based on the interpretation of interviews carried out during 2010 with agribusiness workers, [...]

  • H. Ouviña
    Acta Sociológica (2013). Vol. 62 pp. 77-104

    The main objective of this article is to recover the notion of prefigurative politics as a potential “measuring unit” which allows for the analysis of the scopes and limitations [...]


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