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    Una revisión de algunos problemas ingenieriles usando la ecuación de Jacobi.

  • L. Nanía, M. Gómez, J. Dolz, P. Comas, J. Pomares
    Journal of hydraulic engineering (2011). Vol. 137 (10), pp. 1-8

    An experimental study of the subcritical dividing flow in an equal-width, four-branch junction with two inflows and two outflows is presented. A brief description of the flow [...]

  • L. Nanía, M. Gómez, J. Dolz, A. León
    Journal of Hydrology Engineering (2010). Vol. 48 (6), pp. 826-827

    The discussers congratulate the authors for their work and would like to raise some questions and comments about their results ans statements. The papers compares the computed [...]

  • B. Martí-Cardona, C. López-Martínez, J. Dolz, E. Bladé
    Remote Sensing of Environment (2010). Vol. 114 (11), pp. 2802-2815

    Doñana National Park wetlands, in South West Spain, undergo yearly cycles of inundation and drying out. During the hydrological year 2006–2007, 43 ASAR/Envisat [...]

  • J. Prats, R. Val, J. Armengol, J. Dolz
    Journal of Hydrology (2010). Vol. 387 (1-2), pp. 105-118

    The Ebro River is one of the longest rivers in Spain and it also has the greatest discharge. Its lower part is highly regulated and includes a system of three reservoirs (Mequinensa, [...]

  • A. Amador, M. Juny, J. Dolz
    Journal of Hydrology Engineering (2009). Vol. 135 (12), pp. 1092-1100

    The hydrodynamic pressure field is important for the design and safety of steeply sloping stepped spillways, which are typically designed for considerably lower maximum specific [...]

  • J. Prats, J. Dolz, J. Armengol
    Ingeniería del agua (2009). Vol. 16 (4), pp. 259-272

    La presencia de los embalses de Mequinenza, Riba-Roja y Flix en el tramo inferior del río Ebro ha dado lugar a una serie de alteraciones (reducción de la entidad [...]

  • M. Arganis, E. Bladé, J. Dolz, M. Juny, O. Fuentes, V. Franco, F. Luna-Cruz
    Ingeniería Hidráulica en México (2009). Vol. XXIV (3), pp. 101-106

    This document presents a dam wall break simulation of the La Parota hydropower project in Guerrero, Mexico, by means of the CARPA system, which is based in a 2D WAF-TVD (Weight [...]

  • J. Armengol, J. Dolz
    Nota d'economia: revista d'economia catalana i de sector públic (2009). Vol. 93-94, pp. 127-139

  • M. Arganis, R. Val, J. Prats, K. Rodríguez, R. Domínguez, J. Dolz
    Advances in civil engineering (2009). Vol. 2009 (35960), pp. 1-10

    An application of Genetic Programming (an evolutionary computational tool) without and with standardization data is presented with the aim of modeling the behavior of the [...]

  • E. Bladé, M. Gómez, M. Sánchez-Juny, J. Dolz
    Journal of Hydrology Engineering (2008). Vol. 134 (9), pp. 1343-1347

    When using finite-volume methods and the conservative form of the Saint Venant equations in one-dimensional flow computations, it is important to establish the correct balance [...]

  • E. Moreno-Ostos, R. Marcé, J. Dolz, J. Ordóñez, J. Armengol
    International Review of Hydrobiology (2008). Vol. 93 (2), pp. 131-147

    By contrast to the more regular and predictable temperate lakes, heat budgets and temperature dynamics in Mediterranean reservoirs are characterized by a marked interannual [...]

  • M. Juny, E. Bladé, J. Dolz
    Journal of Hydrology (2008). Vol. 46 (3), pp. 410-414

    The pressure profiles on the horizontal and vertical step faces of a stepped spillway in the fully developed skimming flow region were measured. These observations allow to [...]

  • J. Martí-Herrero, M. Heras-Celemin
    pp. 891-896

    The issue of this paper is to present theoretical results for a solar chimney with thermal mass, where the glass surface is replaced by photo-voltaic (PV) modules. A portion [...]

  • J. Martí-Herrero, M. Heras-Celemin
    Solar Energy (2007). Vol. 81 (5), pp. 614-622

    The aim of this research is to investigate the theoretical usefulness of a solar chimney with thermal inertia applied to the Mediterranean climates, offering nocturnal ventilation [...]

  • Livestock Research for Rural Development (2007). Vol. 19 (12), Article, 192

    The familiar low cost biodigestores are an important tool for urban and rural development. These natural systems fulfill the criteria of appropriate technology, producing [...]

  • Biomass and Bioenergy (2011). Vol. 35 (10), pp. 4481-4484

    Low-cost tubular digesters have been implemented in several developing countries. One of the problems reported from field surveys is that biogas generation that does not meet [...]

  • T. Perrigault, V. Weatherford, J. Martí-Herrero, ´. Poggio
    Bioresource Technology (2012). Vol. 124, pp. 259-268

    A cold climate, low cost, tubular digester is monitored and temperatures from different parts of the slurry, greenhouse, and adobe walls are presented, discussing the thermal [...]

  • E. Bollaert, A. Schleiss, J. Dolz
    Journal of Hydraulic Research (2007). Vol. 41 (5), pp. 853-856

    This paper presents the state-of-the-art on methods to estimate rock scour due to the impingement of plunging high velocity water jets. The following topics are addressed: [...]

  • J. Prats, R. Val, J. Armengol, J. Dolz
    Limnetica (2007). Vol. 26 (2), pp. 293-306

    Water temperature is one of the main variables influencing freshwater organisms. In recent years, increasing water temperature trends have been observed in freshwater ecosystems [...]

  • M. Juny, E. Bladé, J. Dolz
    Journal of Hydraulic Research (2007). Vol. 45 (4), pp. 505-511

    This paper presents an analysis of the pressure field on the steps of a stepped spillway on an RCC dam. The fundamental component of this study is a series of pressure measurements [...]

  • L. Nanía, M. Valentín, J. Dolz
    Urban water journal (2007). Vol. 4 (2), pp. 119-131

    The current paper focusses on the hazard assessment associated with urban runoff on streets. A review of the existing criteria to evaluate such a hazard is made. Two new criteria [...]

  • E. Ibañez, J. Gili, J. Dolz, B. Bayán
    Revista del Instituto de Navegación de España (2007). Vol. 29, pp. 14-25

    Desde su implementación hace más de diez años , la adquisición de datos mediante Láser-Escáner Aerotransportado (ALS-LIDAR) se ha [...]

  • A. Amador, M. Juny, J. Dolz
    Ingeniería del agua (2006). Vol. 13 (4), pp. 289-302

    En el presente artículo se presenta un conjunto de criterios para el diseño de aliviaderos escalonados con pendientes típicas de presas de hormigón [...]

  • A. Amador, M. Juny, J. Dolz
    Journal of fluid engineering (2006). Vol. 128, pp. 1266-1273

    The development of the roller-compacted concrete (RCC) as a technique of constructing dams and the stepped surface that results from the construction procedure opened a renewed [...]

  • L. Nanía, M. Valentín, J. Dolz
    Ingeniería Hidráulica en México (2006). Vol. XXI (2), pp. 5-15

    La escorrentía en las calles a causa de la lluvia es un hecho frecuente en ciudades con sistemas de drenaje pluvial tanto superficial como subterráneo. Los sistemas [...]

  • R. Val, D. Niñerola, J. Pomares, J. Dolz, J. Armengol
    Ingeniería Hidraúlica en México (2006). Vol. XXI (1), pp. 59-72

    El agua de un río mantiene un intercambio de calor con la atmósfera y con el fondo. Este proceso puede alcanzar su equilibrio siempre y cuando las características [...]

  • J. Puertas, J. Dolz
    Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (2005). Vol. 131 (5), pp. 404-407

    This Technical Note presents the results of a large set of laboratory tests and tries to determine the conditions that ensure the existence of a water cushion that is not [...]

  • J. Dolz, M. Juny
    Journal of Hydraulic Research (2005). Vol. 43 (5), pp. 540-548

    This paper is a presentation of an experimental facility used for analyzing the flow over the stepped spillway of an RCC dam. The technique of digitizing video sequences is [...]

  • L. Nanía, M. Gómez, J. Dolz
    Journal of Hydraulic Research (2004). Vol. 42 (4), pp. 406-412

    A first approach to the experimental study of the dividing flow in steep street crossings is presented. A scale model of a street crossing has been built and a series of tests [...]

  • R. Val, D. Niñerola, J. Armengol, J. Dolz
    Limnética (2003). Vol. 23 (1), pp. 85-92

    El agua del río mantiene un intercambio de calor con la atmósfera y con el fondo; este proceso puede lograr su equilibrio a lo largo de un tramo de río [...]

  • M. Juny, D. Ninyerola, J. Pomares, F. Abadía, E. Egusquiza, J. Dolz, F. Quintero
    International journal on hydropower and dams (2002). Vol. 9 (6), pp. 37-41

    Discharge and aeration capacity of the diversion conduits, the pressures in the ducts and vibration and downpull forces on the gates were analyzed. Model studies were carried [...]

  • M. Sánchez-Juny, D. Niñerola, J. Pomares, E. Egusquiza, J. Dolz, F. Quintero, F. Abadía
    Revista de Obras Públicas (2002). N. 3423, pp. 12-26

    Se presenta el estudio desarrollado en el Laboratorio de Modelos Reducidos del Dpto. de Ing. Hidráulica, Marítima y Ambiental de la UPC, para el análisis [...]

  • D. Sempere-Torres, C. Corral, M. Berenguer, R. Sánchez-Diezma, J. Dolz
    Ingeniería del agua (2000). Vol. 7 (2), pp. 105-115

    En este artículo se estudia el episodio pluviométrico registrado el día 10 de junio de 2000 en Cataluña. En particular se analiza la lluvia caída [...]

  • B. Bayán, J. Dolz
    Revista de obras públicas (1995). Vol. 142 (3340), pp. 17-29

    La Marisma del Parque Nacional de Doñana ocupa aproximadamente 27.000 Ha. y constituye uno de los tres grandes ecosistemas existentes en el parque. En el presente siglo [...]

  • J. Dolz, D. Sempere-Torres
    Ingeniería del agua (1994). Vol. 1 (4), pp. 33-48

    La alteración del terreno y la destrucción de la vegetación debida a los incendios provoca cambios importantes en las características hidrológicas [...]

  • J. Dolz, M. Gómez
    Ingeniería del agua (1994). Vol. 1 (1), pp. 55-66

    Se analiza la problemática del drenaje de aguas pluviales en zonas urbanas, en particular en áreas de rápido y reciente desarrollo urbano como es el caso [...]

  • J. Dolz, J. Martí-Vide
    Revista de Obras Públicas (1994). Vol. 141 (3328), pp. 31-40

    Este trabajo se propone llamar la atención sobre la acción del agua en las pilas de los puentes, origen del fenómeno de la socavación local, responsable [...]

  • J. Martín-Vide, J. Dolz, J. Estal
    Journal of Hydraulic Research (1993). Vol. 31 (2), pp. 171-186

    The moving hydraulic jump, considered as an example of rapidly varied unsteady flow, is theoretically revised. Experimental work is conducted to study the kinematic characteristics [...]

  • J. Muñoz, J. Hambleton, S. Sloan
    (2017). "Advances in direct methods for materials and structures". Berlín: Springer, p. 73-84.

      Direct methods aim to find the maximum load factor that a domain made of a plastic material can sustain before undergoing full collapse. Its analytical solution [...]

  • J. Muñoz, R. Syednima, A. Lyamin, A. Huerta
    (2013). Direct methods for limit states in structures and materials". Springer, p. 79-100.

    Numerical techniques for the computation of strict bounds in limit analyses have been developed for more than thirty years. The efficiency of these techniques have been [...]

  • J. Muñoz, V. Conte, M. Miodownik
    (2010). "Continuum mechanics". Nova Publishers, p. 223-243.

    The mechanical analysis of soft tissues in biomechanics has undergone an increasing progress during the last decade. Part of this success is due to the development and application [...]

  • M. Tozlouglu, M. Duda, N. Kirkland, R. Barrientos, J. Burden, J. Muñoz, Y. Mao
    Developmental cell (2019). Vol. 51 (3), pp. 299-312

    Tissue folding is a fundamental process that shapes epithelia into complex 3D organs. The initial positioning of folds is the foundation for the emergence of correct tissue [...]

  • L. Roldán, J. Muñoz, P. Sáez
    Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., (2019). Vol. 350, pp. 28-56

    During the lifetime of all living multicellular organisms, wounds in their tissues are frequently observed. The capability of closing those gaps is fundamental [...]

  • N. Khalilgharibi, J. Fouchard, N. Asadipour, R. Barrientos, M. Duda, A. Bonfanti, A. Yonis, A. Harris, P. Mosaffa, Y. Fujita, A. Kabla, Y. Mao, B. Baum, J. Muñoz, M. Miodownik, G. Charras
    Nature Physics (2019). Vol. 15, pp. 839-847 (Preprint)

    Epithelial monolayers are one-cell-thick tissue sheets that line most of the body surfaces, separating internal and external environments. As part of their function, they [...]

  • J. Muñoz, M. Dingle, M. Wenzel
    Physical review E: statistical, nonlinear and soft matter physics (2018). Vol. 98 (5), pp. 1-15 (Preprint)

    Oscillatory behavior in tissue biology is ubiquitous and may be observed in the form of either chemical or mechanical signals. We present here and solve a mechanical cell [...]

  • J. Muñoz, D. Amat, V. Conte
    Inverse Problems (2018). Vol. 34 (4), pp. 1-27 (Preprint)

    We present a least-squares based inverse analysis of visco-elastic biological tissues. The proposed method computes the set of contractile forces (dipoles) at the cell boundaries [...]

  • P. Mosaffa, A. Rodríguez-Ferran, J. Muñoz
    Int. J. Numer. Meth. Bio. Engng. (2018). Vol. 34 (3), pp. 1-33 (Preprint)

    We present a hybrid cell‐centred/vertex model for mechanically simulating planar cellular monolayers undergoing cell reorganisation. Cell centres are represented by a triangular [...]

  • J. Font-Llagunes, J. Muñoz, J. Ambrósio
    Multibody system dynamics (2017). Vol. 39 (1), pp. 1-2

  • N. Asadipour, X. Trepat, J. Muñoz
    Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids (2016). Vol. 96, pp. 535-549 (Preprint)

    It has been experimentally observed that cells exhibit a fluidisation process when subjected to a transient stretch, with an eventual recovery of the mechanical [...]

  • R. Sunyer, V. Conte, J. Escribano, A. Elosegui-Artola, A. Labernadie, L. Valon, D. Navajas, J. García-Aznar, J. Muñoz, P. Roca-Cusachs, X. Trepat
    Science (2016). Vol. 353 (6304), pp. 1157-1161 (Preprint)

    The ability of cells to follow gradients of extracellular matrix stiffness—durotaxis—has been implicated in development, fibrosis, and cancer. Here, we found multicellular [...]

  • J. Muñoz
    Int. J. Numer. Anal. Model. (2016). Vol. 13 (5), pp. 763-781 (Preprint)

    The tractions that cells exert on a gel substrate from the observed displacements is an increasingly attractive and valuable information in biomedical experiments. The computation [...]

  • E. Bazellières, V. Conte, A. Elosegui-Artola, X. Serra-Picamal, M. Bintanel-Morcillo, P. Roca-Cusachs, J. Muñoz, M. Sales-Pardo, R. Guimerà, X. Trepat
    Nature Cell Biology (2015). Vol. 17 (4), pp. 409-420

      Dynamics of epithelial tissues determine key processes in development, tissue healing and cancer invasion. These processes are critically influenced by cell–cell [...]

  • X. Serra-Picamal, V. Conte, R. Sunyer, J. Muñoz, X. Trepat
    Methods in Cell Biology (2015). Vol. 125, pp. 309-330

    Fundamental biological processes including morphogenesis and tissue repair require cells to migrate collectively. In these processes, epithelial or endothelial [...]

  • J. Muñoz, R. Syednima
    Proceedings of the ICE-Engineering and Computational Mechanics (2015). Vol. 168 (4), pp. 169-177 (Preprint)

    Despite the recent progress in optimisation techniques, finite-element stability analysis of realistic three-dimensional problems is still hampered by the size of the resulting [...]

  • P. Mosaffa, N. Asadipour, D. Millán, A. Rodríguez-Ferran, J. Muñoz
    Computational Particle Mechanics (2015). Vol. 2 (4), pp. 359-370 (Preprint)

    This paper presents a cell-centred model for the simulation of planar and curved multicellular soft tissues. We propose a computational model that includes stress relaxation [...]

  • A. Brugués, E. Anon, V. Conte, J. Veldhuis, M. Gupta, J. Colombelli, J. Muñoz, G. Brodland, B. Ladoux, X. Trepat
    Natura Physics (2014). Vol. 10 (9), pp. 683-690 (Preprint)

    A fundamental feature of multicellular organisms is their ability to self-repair wounds through the movement of epithelial cells into the damaged area. This collective cellular [...]

  • J. Muñoz, V. Conte, N. Asadipour, M. Miodownik
    Mechanics Research Communications (2013). Vol. 49, pp. 44-49 (Preprint)

    We resort to non-linear viscoelasticity to develop a truss element able to model reversible softening in lung epithelial tissues undergoing transient stretch. Such a Maxwell [...]

  • J. Curiel, S. Phaneendra, J. Muñoz
    International journal of damage mechanics (2013). Vol. 22 (3), pp. 356-374 (Preprint)

    This article presents a numerical technique for the computation of damage in fibre-reinforced laminated composites which is embedded into an explicit finite element method. [...]

  • J. Muñoz, S. Albo
    Physical review E: statistical, nonlinear and soft matter physics (2013). Vol. 88 (1), pp. 1-8 (Preprint)

    The measured viscoelastic properties of biological tissues is the result of the passive and active response of the cells. We propose an evolution law of the remodeling process [...]

  • V. Conte, F. Ulrich, B. Baum, J. Muñoz, J. Veldhuis, W. Brodland, M. Miodownik
    PloS One (2012). Vol. 7 (4), pp. 1-17

    The article provides a biomechanical analysis of ventral furrow formation in the Drosophila melanogaster embryo. Ventral furrow formation is the first large-scale [...]

  • R. Allena, J. Muñoz, D. Aubry
    Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., (2011). Vol. 16 (3), pp. 235-248

    During the early stages of gastrulation in Drosophila embryo, the epithelial cells composing the single tissue layer of the egg undergo large strains and displacements. [...]

  • J. Muñoz, V. Conte, M. Miodownik
    Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology (2010). Vol. 9 (4), pp. 451-467

    A set of equilibrium equations is derived for the stress-controlled shape change of cells due to the remodelling and growth of their internal architecture. The approach involves [...]

  • V. Conte, J. Muñoz, B. Baum, M. Miodownik
    Physical Biology (2009). Vol. 6 (1), pp. 16010-16021

    Ventral furrow formation in Drosophila is the first large-scale morphogenetic movement during the life of the embryo, and is driven by co-ordinated changes in the [...]

  • V. Conte, J. Muñoz, M. Miodownik
    Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials (2008). Vol. 1 (2), pp. 188-198

    The paper describes a mechanical model of epithelial tissue development in Drosophila embryos to investigate a buckling phenomenon called invagination. The finite [...]

  • J. Muñoz
    International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering (2008). Vol. 74 (2), pp. 269-293

    The master–slave approach is adapted to model the kinematic constraints encountered in incompressibility. The method presented here allows us to obtain discrete displacement [...]

  • J. Muñoz
    Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., (2008). Vol. 197 (9-12), pp. 979-993

    The analysis of unilateral sliding contact in elasticity is equivalent to a minimisation problem subjected to a set of inequality constraints. However, the presence of boundary [...]

  • J. Muñoz, K. Barrett, M. Miodownik
    Journal of Biomechanics (2007). Vol. 40 (6), pp. 1372-1380

    A new finite element model is proposed for the analysis of the mechanical aspects of morphogenesis and tested on the biologically well studied gastrulation phenomenon, in [...]

  • J. Muñoz, U. Galvanetto, P. Robinson
    International Journal of Fatigue (2006). Vol. 28 (10), pp. 1136-1146

    This paper investigates robustness and efficiency of a method for the numerical simulation of fatigue driven delamination growth in laminated composites. The method [...]

  • J. Muñoz, G. Jelenic
    Moltibody System Dynamics (2006). Vol. 16 (3), pp. 137-261

    This paper proposes two time-integration algorithms for motion of geometrically exact 3D beams under sliding contact conditions. The algorithms are derived using the so-called [...]

  • J. Muñoz, G. Jelenic
    International Journal of Solid and Structures (2004). Vol. 41 (24-25), pp. 6963-6992

    Frictionless sliding conditions between two bodies are usually defined using either the method of Lagrangian multipliers or by prescribing an artificial (penalty) stiffness [...]

  • J. Muñoz, G. Jelenic, M. Crisfield
    Commun. Numer. Meth. Engng (2003). Vol. 19 (9), pp. 689-702

    The analysis of multibody systems requires an exact description of the kinematics of the joints involved. In the present work the master–slave approach is employed and [...]

  • Rev. int. métodos numér. cálc. diseño ing. (2020). Vol. 36, (3), 39

    Vehicular Ad hoc NETwork (VANET) is a multi-hop and high-speed mobile wireless communication network. In order to realize the security authentication of the information transmission [...]

  • G. Terradas, C. Pham, J. Triolo, J. Martí-Herrero, S. Sommer
    Environmental science and technology (2014). Vol. 48 (6), pp. 3253-3262

    In many developing countries simple biogas digesters are used to produce energy for domestic purposes from anaerobic digestion of animal manure. We developed a simple, one-dimensional [...]

  • J. Martí-Herrero, M. Chipana, C. Cuevas, G. Paco, V. Serrano, B. Zymla, K. Heising, J. Sologuren, A. Gamarra
    Renewable Energy (2014). Vol. 71, pp. 156-165

    This paper presents the results and lessons learned from four and a half years of implementing low cost tubular digesters in Bolivia. The selection of this technology is justified [...]

  • J. Martí-Herrero, R. Alvarez, R. Rojas, L. Aliaga, R. Cespedes, J. Carbonell
    Bioresource Technology (2014). Vol. 167, pp. 87-93

    The aim of this research is to evaluate the increase of biogas production with low cost tubular digesters in cold climates using PET rings inside the reactor. Two similar [...]

  • J. Martí-Herrero, R. Alvarez, R. Cespedes, M. Rojas, V. Conde, L. Aliaga, M. Balboa, S. Danov
    Bioresource Technology (2015). Vol. 181, pp. 238-246

    The aim of this research is to evaluate the co-digestion of cow and llama manure combined with sheep manure, in psychrophilic conditions and real field low cost tubular digesters [...]

  • J. Martí-Herrero, M. Ceron, R. García, L. Pracejus, R. Alvarez, X. Cipriano
    Energy for Sustainable Development (2015). Vol. 27, pp. 73-83

    The aim of this paper is to understand the influence of the user behavior on tubular digesters performance, through a technical and a social approach in the Bolivian context. [...]

  • J. Martí-Herrero, T. Flores, R. Alvarez, D. Pérez
    Biomass and Bioenergy (2016). Vol. 84, pp. 31-36

    The aim of this research was to evaluate the error originated when biogas production from field monitoring digesters, influenced by the diurnal temperature [...]

  • M. Garfí, J. Martí-Herrero, A. Garwood, I. Ferrer
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (2016). Vol. 60, pp. 599-614

    This review aims to provide an overview of household biogas digester implementation in rural areas of Latin America. It considers the history of household digesters in Latin [...]

  • J. Martínez, J. Martí-Herrero, S. Villacís, D. Vaca, A. Riofrio
    Energy Policy (2017). Vol. 107, pp. 182-187

    The objective of this study is to analyze the CO2 emissions and economic impacts of the implementation of the National Efficient Cooking Program (NECP) in Ecuador, which [...]

  • L. Castro, H. Escalante, M. Carballo, J. Martí-Herrero
    Red de Biodigestores para Latina América y el Caribe (2017). Vol. 1, pp. 37-44

    Slaughterhouses generate an average 6.5 kg of manure/animal. Day. The animals has a weight between 350 and 400 kg. Manure causes economic, environmental and legal problems [...]

  • J. Martí-Herrero, R. Alvarez, T. Flores
    Journal of Cleaner Production (2018). Vol. 199, pp. 633-642

    The aim of this research is to identify the operational conditions and performance of low cost tubular digesters producing biogas from the slaughterhouse wastewater [...]

  • J. Martí-Herrero, G. Soria-Castellón, A. Díaz-de-Basurto, R. Alvarez, D. Chemisana
    Renewable Energy (2019). Vol. 133, pp. 676-684

    The aim of this work was to evaluate the feasibility of treating fruit and vegetable waste from a municipal market in a full-scale anaerobic digester with minimum implementation [...]

  • V. Ramírez, J. Martí-Herrero, M. Romero, D. Rivadeneira
    Journal of Cleaner Production (2019). Vol. 215, pp. 1095-1102

    The aim of this paper is to evaluate the use of biochar (SCB) produced through the pyrolysis of Jatropha seed cake in combination with Jatropha shell waste [...]

  • V. Sebastián, J. Fontalvo, J. Martí-Herrero, P. Ramírez, I. Capellán-Pérez
    Energy (2019). Vol. 182, pp. 520-534

    Hubbert based models to project future oil extraction in Ecuador were developed. Two values of ultimate recoverable resources (URR) (7860–10,700 million barrels (MMbbl)) [...]

  • S. Vilms, J. Martí-Herrero, A. Singh, S. Sommer, S. Hafner
    Bioresource Technology (2020). Vol. 296, p. 122264

    A thermal balance modeling framework is developed, based on heat transfer-resistance networks. The heat transfer model accounts for effects of digester- design, location and [...]

  • J. Villarroel-Schneider, A. Malmquist, A. Araoz, J. Martí-Herrero, A. Martin
    Energies (2019). Vol. 12 (20), pp. 3830

    Trigeneration or combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) systems fueled by raw biogas can be an interesting alternative for supplying electricity and thermal services in remote [...]

  • J. Villarroel-Schneider, B. Mainali, J. Martí-Herrero, A. Malmquist, A. Martin, L. Alejo
    Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments (2020). Vol. 37, 100571

    This study presents a comparative techno-economic feasibility analysis for two polygeneration plant solutions, applied to low-income dairy farms in Bolivia. The first option [...]

  • J. Martí-Herrero, A. Malmquist, A. Martin, J. Villarroel-Schneider, B. Mainali, L. Alejo
    (2019). Renewable Energy and Sustainable Buildings. Innovative Renewable Energy. Springer, Cham, pp. 675-687

    This paper presents a techno-economic feasibility study of a polygeneration plant proposed for an association of dairy farmers in Bolivia. The systems have been designed in [...]

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  • (2009). "Congreso de Métodos Numéricos en Ingeniería 2009". Barcelona: Sociedad Española de Métodos Numéricos en Ingeniería (SEMNI), p. 466. ISBN9788496736665

    El objetivo de este trabajo es desarrollar una herramienta de aplicabilidad general que ayude en el estudio de la estabilidad y seguridad de una presa de escollera en una [...]

  • (2008). "VIII Jornadas Españolas de Presas", p. 1-10. ISBN978-84-380-0406-7

    El objetivo de este trabajo es desarrollar y validar un nuevo método de cálculo de aplicabilidad general para el estudio de la estabilidad y seguridad de una [...]

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