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    This collection gathers research and technical articles in the field of Mathematics categories.

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    International Journal of Numerical Methods for Calculation and Design in Engineering (RIMNI) contributes to the spread of theoretical advances and practical applications of numerical methods in engineering [...]

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    The collection is a repository of open access articles related to achievements in life sciences. The collection may include articles considering "life" from the point of view of biology, physics, chemistry, geology, mathematics, philosophy, medicine, philology and any [...]

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    The objectives of COUPLED PROBLEMS 2021 are to present and discuss state of the art, mathematical models, numerical methods and computational techniques for solving coupling problems of multidisciplinary character in science and engineering. The conference goal is to [...]

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    Una publicación de la Asociación Mexicana de Métodos Numéricos en Ingeniería

    A publication of the Mexican Association of Numerical Modelling in Engineering

    ISSN 2604-4374
    Rev. mex. métodos num&e[...]