Volume 4, 2020

  • L. Equihua-Anguiano, M. Álvarez-Cornejo, E. Álvarez-Cornejo
    Revista Mexicana de Métodos Numéricos (2020). Vol. 4, 3

    In practice, tunnels design uses analytical methods and numerical models. The last methods are because tunnels need solutions that provide a high level of security given their [...]

  • G. Tinoco Guerrero, F. Domínguez Mota, J. Tinoco-Ruiz, J. Martínez, N. Tinoco-Guerrero, M. Leppäranta, I. Mammarella
    Revista Mexicana de Métodos Numéricos (2020). Vol. 4, 2

    Due to the importance of the shallow-water equations in models of real-life phenomena, in recent years the study and model of problems that involve them have been the object [...]

  • Revista Mexicana de Métodos Numéricos (2020). Vol. 4, 1

    A hydro-mechanical analysis of a pavement is presented in which the variation of the water content is considered for the estimation of modulus of elasticity of the layers [...]

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