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A focus on design-thinking goes beyond the aim of this lecture, If you want to know more about design thinking, I suggest you watch this video (not compulsory for this chapter).


Read the case study dedicated to the Miele company, and discover in detail what has just been explained.

Kaiser, I., and Stummer, C. (2020). How the Traditional Industrial Manufacturer Miele Established a New Smart Home Division. Research-Technology Management, Volume 63, Issue 4, Pages 29-34


Quiz! - Digital Economy - Chapter 1 - Part 1.2

1. The growth of smart homes is associated with the recent developments of the:

Artificial Intelligence, data, and clouds
Internet of Things technology, data, and machine learning
Clouds, data, and machine learning
Artificial intelligence and consumer journey

2. Miele structured its new Smart Home Division as a network-oriented organization with a focus on:

Artificial intelligence and startups
Consumer journey
Lean, startup-like, customer-centered processes

3. Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution is:

The application of digital technologies in the manufacturing process
Artificial Intelligence- centered
Impactful only in certain sectors
Internet-of-Things centered

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