Difference between sustainable and disruptive innovations


Read the article by De Massis, Frattini, and Quillico “What big companies can learn from the success of the Unicorns? »

De Massis, A., Frattini, F. and Quillico, F. (2016). What Big Companies Can Learn from the Success of the Unicorns. Harvard Business Review.


Quiz! - Digital Economy - Chapter 1 - Part 2

1. Real disruptive innovations:

Are always based on digital technological innovations
Usually offer lower quality services or products than the ones already offered on the standard market
Usually offer higher-quality services or products than the ones already offered on the standar market
Usually offer the best services of products available on the market

2. Disruptive innovations are:

Technologically-leaded, but consumer-oriented
Entirely focused on the consumer-journey
Focused on Artificial Intelligence
Focused on Internet of Things

3. What is the definition of a Unicorn company:

A startup applying a disruptive innovation
A startup at the end of its life cycle
A startup already on the stock exchange
A startup receiving an evaluation that exceeds 1$ dollars

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