Digital Economy, a definition 1/2

Digital Economy, a definition 2/2


Answer key to the case study

Digital 2020 Global Digital Overview

E-commerce, E-services and the costumer journey 1/2

E-commerce, E-services and the costumer journey 2/2


Answer key to the case study

Amazon PrimeAir


Answer key to the case study

Read the article published in the Journal of Business Research by Vakulenko and colleagues that talks about e consumer journey, the experience of the online consumer, and the innovation of parcel lockers in the last mile of the consumer journey.

Vakulenko, Y., Shams, P., Hellstrom, D. and Hjort, K. (2019). Service innovation in e-commerce last mile delivery: Mapping the e-customer journey. Journal of Business Research. Volume 101, August 2019, Pages 461-468


Quiz! - Digital Economy - Chapter 1 - Part 1.1

1. ________ is influenced by the service encounters (touchpoints) that together form the complex customer journey.

Customer experience
Parcel Lockers
Purchase stage

2. Driven by consumers, the e-commerce surge stems from the final leg of the supply chain: the ________ where the order placement and the service encounter occur.

Consumer journey
Service touchpoint
Key variable

3. _______ in the e-customer journey increases customer expectations.

Service innovation
Consumer innovation
Touchpoint innovation
Holistic consumer

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