Online consumer behavior 1/2

Online consumer behavior 2/2


Puntoni, S., Walker Reczek, R., Giesler, M., and Botti, S. (2021). Consumers and Artificial Intelligence : An Experiential Perspective. Journal of Marketing, Vol. 85 (1), pp. 131-151


1. What are the four types of consumer experiences with AI described in the article "Consumers and Artificial Intelligence: An Experiential Perspective" ?

Data capture, classification, delegation, and virtual
Data capture, classification, delegation, and social
Data capture, classification, delegation, and social
Big Data, classification, delegation, and social

2. In the « classification » process consumers can feel misunderstood because they perceive "incorrect classification, ______________, or a combination of the two".

Disqualifying use of classification
Racist use of classification
Discriminatory use of classification
Incoherent use of classification

3. The Delegation Experience is connected to the ability of the _____________ of concluding some tasks that are normally managed by human beings.

Artificial Intelligence
Virtual reality
Big data

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Case Study - Cambridge Analytica 1/2

Case Study - Cambridge Analytica 2/2


Hu, M. (2020). Cambridge Analytica’s black box. Big Data & Society, July-December, 1-6.

Lapowsky, I. (2019). How Cambridge Analytica Sparked the Great Privacy Awakening Repercussions from the Scandal Swirling Around the Data Analytics Firm Vontinue to Be Felt Across the Tech Industry. Available at

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