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  • A. Tissari, T. Korhonen, T. Kling, A. Korkealaakso, T. Hakkarainen, T. Hakkarainen
    International Conference Marine Design 2020 - Papers (2020).

    The fire safety effect of using fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) as the primary construction material in a fishing research vessel was studied by fire simulations. The effect [...]

  • Tuula Hakkarainen's personal collection (2020). 3

    Eurooppalaisen FIBRESHIP-tutkimusprojektin tavoitteena on kehittää suunnittelu- ja tuotantomenetelmäkokonaisuus, joka mahdollistaa yli 50 metrin pituisen laivan [...]

  • Book of Proceedings - Nordic Fire and Safety Days 2018 (2018).

    The European FIBRESHIP research project aims to develop a comprehensive set of methods that would enable the building of the complete hull and superstructure of over 50-metre-long [...]

  • Tuula Hakkarainen's personal collection (2020). 1

    Kuituvahvisteisia polymeereja eli lujitemuoveja käytetään nykyisin laajalti kevyiden alusten runkorakenteissa, kun aluksen pituus on enintään 50 metriä. [...]

  • Open Access Repository of the FIBRESHIP project (2020). 9

    Today, fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) materials are extensively used for building lightweight hull structures of vessels with length up to about 50 metres, whereas in [...]

  • VIII International Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering (Marine 2019), Gothenburg (Sweden)

    This presentation introduces a numerical model for the thermo-mechanical analysis of laminated composite structures under the fire action. The coupling between the thermal [...]