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  • Revista de Obras Públicas (2002). Vol. 149 (3418), pp. 7-15

    This paper presents some thoughts about the evolution of numerical methods and the difficulties posed by their applications to solve real problems of everyday´s engineering. [...]

  • Computers and Structures (2002). Vol. 80 (16-17), pp. 1399-1408

    One of the major difficulties in meshing 3D complex geometries is to deal with non-proper geometrical definitions coming from CAD systems. Typically, [...]

  • Julio García-Espinosa's Congress Presentations (2001). 3

    This paper presents advances in recent work of the authors to derive a fractional step scheme based on the stabilized finite element method that allows overcoming the above [...]

  • M. Pasenau, R. Ribó, E. Escolano, J. Pérez, A. Coll
    Monograph CIMNE (2006). M94

    Recent developments inmesh and point generation are reviewed. These include: minimal linput meshing, fast meshing for very large problems, volume-to-surface meshing and the [...]

  • L. Pellegrini, R. Ribó, J. Jordan, J. Sobrino
    [ramsan] (2017). 1

    Fiber-reinforced polymer pedestrian bridges are becoming a competitive alternative to conventional concrete or steel pedestrian bridges in the span range from 5 to 30 m. In [...]

  • Computers and Structures (2002). Vol. 80 (16-17), pp. 1399-1408

    One of the major difficulties in meshing 3D complex geometries is to deal with non proper geometrical definitions coming from CAD systems. Typically, CAD systems do not take [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2000). M56

    En esta tesis se describe el desarrollo e implementación de un sistema informático para el tratamiento de toda la información necesaria para un análisis [...]

Articles (Documents not available in Scipedia)

  • Some algorithms to correct a geometry in order to create a finite element mesh

    R Ribó, G Bugeda, E Onate

    Computers & structures 80 (16), 1399-1408, 2002

  • Las herramientas numéricas y la práctica profesional en ingeniería civil

    EOI de Navarra, BS Arroyo, RR Rodríguez

    Revista de Obras Públicas: Organo profesional de los ingenieros de caminos ..., 2002

  • GiD-User Manual Version 7

    R Ribó, M de Riera Pasenau, E Escolano, JSP Ronda, AC Sans

    CIMNE, Barcelona, 2000

  • Desarrollo de un sistema integrado para tratamiento de geometría, generación de malla y datos para el análisis por el método de los elementos finitos

    G Bugeda, E Oñate, R Ribo

    Centre Internacional de Mètodes Numèrics en Enginyeria (CIMNE), 2000

  • GiD user manual

    R Ribó, M Pasenau, E Escolano, JSP Ronda, L Gonzalez, E Rosa

    CIMNE, Barcelona, 1999

  • GiD reference manual

    R Ribó, MAR Pasenau, E Escolano, JSP Ronda, LF González

    CIMNE, Barcelona, 1998

  • Gid, the personal pre and post processor

    R Ribó, M Riera, EE Terceno, JSP Ronda, AC Sans, AM Ribera, ...

    Technical report, 1997



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