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  • Análise comparativa dos Métodos Aproximados de Dimensionamento de Pilares Esbeltos de Concreto (2018). ARAUJO, L, J.; Dos Santos ; BARBOSA, W. C. S. . ANÁLISE COMPARATIVA DOS MÉTODOS APROXIMADOS DE DIMENSIONAMENTO DE PILARES ESBELTOS DE CONCRETO. In: 60º Congresso Brasileiro do Concreto, 2018, Foz do Iguaçu. 60º Congresso Brasileiro do Concreto, 2018.

    The present work seeks to analyze the simplified procedures described in ABNT NBR 6118: 2014 for the design of slender columns of reinforced concrete. The standard presents [...]

  • Rev. int. métodos numér. cálc. diseño ing. (2019). Vol. 35, (3), 35

    Concrete gravity dams have trapezoidal shape in their cross section and shall guarantee the global stability against acting loads like hydrostatic and uplift pressures through [...]

  • CROSS-SECTION OPTIMIZATION OF CONCRETE GRAVITY DAMS USING GENETIC ALGORITHMS (2017). XXXVIII Ibero-Latin American Congress on Computational Methods in Engineering

    Concrete gravity dams are the most commonly used hydraulic structures in engineering, for the designer these structures, the overall stability (external forces) must be guaranteed [...]



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