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Documents published in Scipedia

  • J. Rodellar, E. Ryan, A. Barbat
    (1994). Research Report, Nº PI45

    A problem of feedback stabilization is addressed for a class of uncertain nonlinear mechanical systems with n degrees of freedom and nc < n control inputs. Each system [...]

  • E. Oñate, A. Hanganu, A. Barbat, S. Oller, R. Vitaliani, A. Saetta, R. Scotta
    (1997). Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions I, P. Roca, J.L. González, A.R. Marí and E. Oñate (Eds.), CIMNE, Barcelona, Spain

  • A. Hanganu, E. Oñate, A. Barbat
    Computers and Structures (2002). Vol. 80 (20-21), pp. 1667-1687

    The paper introduces a new global damage evaluation method which leads to a meaningful global damage index. A numerical procedure for the prediction of local and [...]

  • Y. Vargas, A. Barbat, L. Pujades, J. Hurtado
    (2013). Computational Methods in Stochastic Dynamics, Volume 2, Springer, ISBN: 978-94-007-5134-7, 293-308

    Capacity-spectrum-based-methods areused for assessing the vulnerability and risk of existing buildings. Capacity curves are usually obtained by means of nonlinear static analysis. [...]

  • M. Carreño, A. Barbat, M. Marulanda
    (2012). Modelación probabilista para la gestión del riesgo de desastre, The World Bank, 73-89

    The difficulty of considering aspects such as the effectiveness of risk management or the ability to react in the event of a disaster in a single methodology of risk analysis [...]

  • J. Cárdenas, A. Nebot, F. Mugica, M. Carreño, A. Barbat
    (2015). Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications, Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-26469-1, 275-293

    In the years, from a disasters perspective, risk has been dimensioned to allow a better management. However, this conceptualization turns out to be limited or constrained [...]

  • J. Vielma, A. Barbat, S. Oller
    (2011). Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, Springer, ISBN 978-94-007-0052-9, 201-220

    In order to ensure that a building structure do not collapse when subjected to the action of strong ground motions, modern codes include prescriptions in order to guarantee [...]

  • A. Barbat, S. Lagomarsino, L. Pujades
    (2006). ASSESSING AND MANAGING EARTHQUAKE RISK, Springer, ISBN 10-1-4020-3524-1, 115-134

    Risk is defined as the potential economic, social and environmental consequences of hazardous events that may occur in a specified area unit and period. The evaluation of [...]

  • J. Vielma, A. Barbat, S. Oller
    (2010). Structural Analysis, Nova Science Publishers, ISBN 978-1-61668-987-2, 101-128

    Performance-Based Design is accepted commonly as the most advanced design and evaluation approach. However, its successful application depends on the ability to accurately [...]

Articles (Documents not available in Scipedia)

  • Analysis of Ultra Low Cycle Fatigue problems with the Barcelona plastic damage model and a new isotropic hardening law

    X Martinez, S Oller, LG Barbu, AH Barbat, AMP De Jesus

    International Journal of Fatigue 73, 132-142, 2015

  • Hybrid loss exceedance curve (HLEC) for disaster risk assessment

    CA Velásquez, OD Cardona, MG Mora, LE Yamin, ML Carreño, ...

    Natural hazards 72 (2), 455-479, 2014

  • Capacity, fragility and damage in reinforced concrete buildings: a probabilistic approach

    YF Vargas, LG Pujades, AH Barbat, JE Hurtado

    Bulletin of earthquake engineering 11 (6), 2007-2032, 2013

  • Seismic safety of RC framed buildings designed according to modern codes

    JC Vielma, Barbat A., Oller S.

    Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture 5 (7), 2011

  • Probabilistic seismic risk assessment for comprehensive risk management: modeling for innovative risk transfer and loss financing mechanisms

    OD Cardona, MG Ordaz, L Yamín, S Arámbula, MC Marulanda, A Barbat

    The 14th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 2008

  • Viscous damage model for Timoshenko beam structures

    AH Barbat, S Oller, E Onate, A Hanganu

    International Journal of Solids and Structures 34 (30), 3953-3976, 1997