• F. Salazar, B. Crookston, M. Hariri-Ardebili, D. Vicente, A. Conde
    Andre Conde's personal collection (2021). 4

    The availability of machine learning techniques opens up possibilities in different fields of civil engineering. Their application in conjunction with numerical simulations [...]

  • S. F., . Kohler, . Landstorfer, A. Conde

    '''The installation of automatic data acquisition systems, together with the use of machine learning, allow obtaining useful information on the behaviour of dams. [...]

  • Abstract
    The advances in sensors and communication technologies open great possibilities in the management and maintenance of engineering systems. In general, the performance of monitoring [...]

  • (2021). Numerical Analysis of Dams, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-51085-5_48

    '''The improvements in monitoring devices result in databases of increasing size showing dam behaviour. Advanced tools are required to extract useful information [...]



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