• E. Oñate, C. Labra, F. Zarate, J. Rojek
    Personal Repository of Francisco Zarate (2012). 14

    We present a new computational model for predicting the effect of blast loading on structures. The model is based in the adaptive coupling of the finite element method (FEM) [...]

  • A. Llanos, E. Oñate, F. Zarate
    Personal Repository of Francisco Zarate (2013). 13

    Actualmente existen programas de MAT-fem para calcular vigas de material homogéneo, según la teoría de Euler-Bernoulli o de Timoshenko. El objetivo [...]

  • M. Masó, E. Oñate, F. Zarate
    (2013). Research Report, Nº PI397

    This final studies work target is to contribute two new beam theories to MAT-fem [6], an educational developed program by CIMNE [5]. Until now the MAT-fem Beams program only [...]

  • Personal Repository of Francisco Zarate (2005). 11

    A stabilized finite element method (FEM) for the multidimensional steady state advection-diffusion-absorption equation is presented. The stabilized formulation is based on [...]

  • E. Oñate, J. Marcipar, F. Zarate
    Personal Repository of Francisco Zarate (2003). 10

    Se presenta una breve panorámica de las posibilidades de las nuevas Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones en el sector de la construcción. [...]

  • Personal Repository of Francisco Zarate (1999). 9

    The paper describes how finite element method and the finite volume method can be successfully combined to derive two new families of thin plate and shell triangles with translational [...]

  • Personal Repository of Francisco Zarate (1993). 8

    A new plate triangle based on Reissner-Mindlin plate theory is proposed. The element has a standard linear deflection field and an incompatible linear rotation field [...]

  • Personal Repository of Francisco Zarate (2011). 7

    Shape optimization is a largely studied problem in aeronautics. It can be applied to many disciplines in this field, namely efficiency improvement of engine blades, noise [...]

  • E. Oñate, F. Zarate, L. Neamtu
    Personal Repository of Francisco Zarate (1999). 6

    A new three node shell triangular element with translational degree of freedom as the only nodal variables is presented. The element formulation is based on combining a standard [...]

  • Monograph CIMNE (2003). M87

    The document presents a numerical model of rocks and soils using spherical Discrete Elements, also called Distinct Elements. The motion of spherical elements is described [...]

  • C. Recarey Morfa, E. Oñate, J. Canet, F. Zarate, J. Rojek
    Personal Repository of Francisco Zarate (2005). 4

    Se presenta un modelo numérico que emplea elementos discretos esféricos o también denominados elementos distintos. Este modelo se aplica en la simulación [...]

  • Personal Repository of Francisco Zarate (2000). 3

    Apuntes de Clase

  • Personal Repository of Francisco Zarate (2018). 2

    This document explains the operation of the user interface of the FEM2DEM program to analyse two-dimensional solids using the simple FEM-DEM procedure proposed by Zarate & [...]

  • Personal Repository of Francisco Zarate (2017). 1

    Este documento explica el funcionamiento de la interface de usuario del programa FEM2DEM para analizar sólidos bidimensionales utilizando el sencillo procedimiento [...]

  • Hormigón y Acero (2018). (prepint) 69, Supl 1, pp. 53-69

    This paper presents the basic concepts and application of the strategy that combines finite element methods (FEM) and discrete elements (DEM)for the study of the propagation [...]

  • (1993). Research Report, Nº PI27

    Esta publicación explica la utilización de un programa de elementos finitos que permita resolver la ecuación de Poisson transitoria, que rige una gran [...]

  • Int. J. of Vehicle Design (2005). Vol. 39 (1-2), pp. 110–124

    An important concern in sheet stamping is the risk of obtaining brittle final products that can be affected by fracture. Monte Carlo simulations presented herein show that [...]

  • J. Rojek, E. Oñate, M. Chiumenti, M. Luege, F. Zarate, O. Fruitos, A. Ferriz, S. Oller
    (2004). Research Report, Nº PI252

    This report presents review of the state of the art of numerical modelling of polymers and polymer coated metal laminates and gives details of selected numerical models including [...]



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