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Dr. Jordi Pons-Prats is a Mechanical Engineer. His activity in the last 15 years has combined a research career in the field of optimization, robust design and stochastic analysis and the work experience in project management in the industrial sector. His research is focus on the development and application of optimization methods for Robust Design.


His industrial work experience is based in his technical background and his project management skills. He spent 3 years in the software industry, 3 years in the home appliances industry and 4 years in the aeronautical sector. He did his PhD as part-time student at CIMNE from 2003 to 2011. From 2008 he is the responsible of the aeronautical group of CIMNE, and a researcher in the Optimization and Artificial Intelligence field. He has published 9 scientific papers in JCR journals. He has 3 citations and a h-index of 1 (Source: Web of Knowledge).

He is the coordinator of the Iberia East Pilot Center of ERCOFTAC (www.ercoftac.org), and the Spanish National Contact Point of EASN (www.easn.net). He also collaborates with BAIE (Barcelona Aeronautica I Espai, www.baie.cat), the Catalan association of aeronautical industry


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