• (2016). Doctoral Thesis. School of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Polytechnic University of Madrid

    The objective of this thesis is the research on numerical algorithms to develop numerical tools to simulate seakeeping problems as well as wave resistance problems of ships [...]

  • Marine Structures (2016). Vol. 49 pp. 116-137 49, 116-137 (preprint)

    The complexity of the dynamic behaviour of offshore marine structures requires advanced simulations tools for the accurate assessment of the seakeeping behaviour of these [...]

  • Collection of Papers on Computational Methods in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering (2019).

    This paper presents part of the work done within the project ‘Advanced Numerical Simulation and Performance Evaluation of WAM-V ® in Spray Generating Conditions’ [...]

  • Ships and Offshore Structures (2015). 11:5, 471-481 (preprint)

    This work presents the development of two free Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), called ''FASTLognoter'' and ''MorisonForm'', both focused on [...]

  • Comp. Meth. App. Mech. Eng. (2015). 295, 290-304 (preprint)

    This paper shows the recent work of the authors in the development of a time-domain FEM model for evaluation of the seal dynamics of a surface effect ship. The fluid solver [...]

  • Ocean Engineering (2016). 123, 383-396 (preprint)

    The aim of this work is to carry out numerical simulations in the time domain of seakeeping problems taking into account internal flow in tanks, including sloshing. To this [...]

  • J. García-Espinosa, I. Ortigosa, A. Fernández
    Rev. int. métodos numér. cálc. diseño ing. (2015). Vol. 31, (3)

    In this paper, the conception and design of a new monitoring system for a racing yachts rig is presented. The sensors developed are able to process the measured strain data, [...]

  • Journal of Computational Physics (2013). 252:382-403 (preprint)

    Being capable of predicting seakeeping capabilities in the time domain is of great interest for the marine and offshore industry. However, most computer programs used in the [...]

  • Ships and offshore structures (2018). 14:2, 153-164 (preprint)

    In this work a finite element method (FEM) is proposed to solve the problem of estimating the added resistance of a ship in waves in the time domain and using unstructured [...]

  • Comp. Part. Mech. (2016). 4: 321-329 (preprint)

    The application of the semi-Lagrangian particle finite element method (SL–PFEM) for the seakeeping simulation of the wave adaptive modular vehicle under spray generating [...]

  • I. Ortigosa, J. García-Espinosa
    Brodogradnja (2015). 66 (4), 39-56

    The operational complexity and performance requirements of modern racing yachts demand the use of advanced applications, such as a decision support system (DSS) able to assist [...]


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