In this paper, a 15 KW in-wheel motor (IWM) is taken as the research object, and the coupling factors among the electromagnetic field, temperature field and flow field are analyzed, and the strong and weak coupling factors between the three fields are clarified, and by identifying the strong and weak coupling factors between the three fields, a three-field coupling analysis model for IWM with appropriate complexity is established, and the validity of the model is verified. In a certain driving condition, the electromagnetic field, temperature field and flow field characteristics of IWM are analyzed with the multi-field coupling model. The result shows that, after the IWM runs 8440 s under driving conditions, in this paper, the IWM electromagnetic torque of the rated working condition is 134.2 Nm, and IWM the electromagnetic torque of the peak working condition is 451.36 Nm, and the power requirement of the motor can be guaranteed. The highest temperature of the IWM is 150 &deg

C, which does not exceed the insulation grade requirements of the motor (155 &deg

C), the highest temperature of the permanent magnet (PM) is 65.6 &deg

C, and it does not exceed the highest operating temperature of the PM, and ensures the accurate calculation of components loss and the temperature of the motor. It can be found, through research, that the electromagnetic torque difference between unidirectional coupling and bidirectional coupling is 3.2%, the maximum temperature difference is 7.98% in the three-field coupling analysis of IWM under rated working conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the influence of coupling factors on the properties of motor materials when analyzing the electromagnetic field, temperature field and flow field of IWM

it also provides some reference value for the simulation analysis of IWM in the future.

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Published on 01/01/2020

Volume 2020, 2020
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