Due to the current urbanization trend, people are spending more time than ever on their daily commute. However, commuting in megacities often results in irritating scenarios. Especially when using public transportation. This project tried to provide an alternative way of commuting that would allow people to refresh themselves during the journey and prepare for their activities in the best way possible. Rather than looking at the commute as a transition from A to B, this project tried to envision different scenarios of daily life and implement smart solutions that would enhance the experience through seamlessly integrated technologies—based on the technological expertise from the sponsor Huawei. In this concept, smart sensors combined with data collection would provide a tailored experience for the customer at different depth levels. The process includes brand research and topic selection to set up the design goal. Basing on the valuable material got from the first step, the design moved to the next step and tried to find the solution for the thesis topic. This is processed by gathering information from the website, brainstorming the ideation. Then the author built up the prototype by sketching, rendering, and 3D modeling. The user experience got developed basing on the robust design. The author started with user research and analyzed and set up personas. The result is an interior design concept with a particular focus on its interaction and user experience. The seating position supports the user experience by changing in harmony with individual preferences and time of the day. Three unique travel modes provide different levels of control over the overall experience based upon the user's request and their trust in the smart system.

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Published on 01/01/2020

Volume 2020, 2020
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