"International Conference on Prospects for Research in Transport and Logistics on a Global - Regional Perspective" has undertaken the challenge to host very important experts and practitioners of Transport and Logistics from a large spectrum of countries. In our opinion, the conference has fulfilled the purpose of establishing an International Society; "Eurasian and Eastern Mediterranean Institute of Transportation and Logistics Association (EMIT)" that is expected to have a very promising role in the Eurasian and Eastern Mediterranean countries. The purpose of the Association is to contribute to establishing and developing the exchange of research work between all parts of the world in all fields of transportation and logistics. This proceedings book consists of 13 chapters, grouping the contributed papers into the following categories: Global Issues in Logistics and Transportation (3 papers), Regional Issues in Logistics and Transportation (2 papers), Education and Training in Logistics and Transportation (2 papers), Supply Chain Management (3 papers), Sustainable Transport Policies, Traffic Engineering (4 papers), Evaluation of Public Policies, Network Models and Environment (4 papers), Contemporary Topics in Transport and Logistics (7 papers), Transport Planning and Economics (3 papers), Planning, Operations, Management and Control of Transport and Logistics (3 papers), Transport Modeling (5 papers), Freight Transportation and Logistics Management (7 papers), Transport and Land Use (3 papers), Transport Infrastructure and Investment Appraisal (2 papers) It can be readily seen from this volume of selected papers that all papers do elaborate on rather timely problems in the fields of expertise related to Transport and Logistics, which have a considerable global importance. TÜBÄ°TAK; Doğuş Üniversitesi ; Uluslararası Nakliyeciler Derneği ; Ä°DO ; Tırsan ; Türk Hava Yolları Committees, i -- Words of Welcome and Gratitude, ii -- Introduction, iii -- Chapter 1 Global Issues in Logistics and Transportation, 1 -- Potential to Reduce GHG through Efficient Logistic Concepts, 3 -- Werner Rothengatter -- A methodological framework for the evaluation and prioritisation of multinational transport projects: the Case of euro-asian transport linkages, 21 / Dimitrios TSAMBOULAS, Angeliki KOPSACHEILI -- Container port throughput performance - case study: Far east, north west european and mediterranean ports, 29 / Vesna DRAGOVIC-RADINOVIC, Branislav DRAGOVIC, Maja SKURIC, EmirĞIKMIROVlC and Ivan KRAPOVIC -- Chapter 2 Regional Issues in Logistics and Transportation, 35 -- Logistics service providers in turkey: A panel data analysis, 37 / Emel AKTAŞ, Füsun ÜLENGÄ°N, Berrin AĞARAN, Şule ÖNSEL -- Milestones in the process of survey preparation for the logistics sector: case study for Istanbul, Turkey, 43 / Evren POSACI, Darçın AKIN -- Chapter 3 Education and Training in Logistics and Transportation, 51 -- Education in transport and logistics in an age of global economy, 53 / Yücel Candemlr -- The role of education and training in the supply chain sector, 59 / David Maunder -- Chapter 4 Supply Chain Management, 64 -- Modeling reverse flows in a closed -loop supply chain network, 67 / Vildan ÖZKIR, Önder ÖNDEMÄ°R and Hüseyin BAŞLIGÄ°L -- Strategic analysis of green supply chain management practices in T urkish automotive industry, 73 / Gülçin BÜYÜKÖZKAN and Alişan ÇAPAN -- A new framework for port competitiveness: the network approach, 79 / Marcella DE MARTINO, Alfonso MORVILLO -- Chapter 5 Sustainable Transport Policies, Traffic Engineering, 87 -- Clean transport: innovative solutions to the creation of a more sustainable urban transport system, 89 / Ela BABALIK-SUTCLIFFE -- Effects of urban bottlenecks on highway traffic congestion: case study of Istanbul, Turkey, 95 / Darçın AKIN and Mehtap ÇELÄ°K -- Establishing an effective training module for IMDG code in MET institutions, 105 / Kadir CICEK, Metin CELIK -- An investment decision aid proposal towards choice of container terminal operating systems based on information axioms, 109 / Metin CELIK, Selcuk CEBI -- Chapter 6 Evaluation of Public Policies, Network Models and Environment, 115 -- Possibilistic linear programming approach for strategic resource planning, 117 / Özgür KABAK, Füsun ÜLENGÄ°N -- A structural equation model for measuring service quality in passenger transportation, 125 / G.Nilay YÜCENUR and Nihan ÇETÄ°N DEMÄ°REL -- Analysis of potential gain from using hybrid vehicles in public transportation, 133 / Ä°rem DÜZDAR and Özay ÖZAYDIN -- Optimization of e-waste management in Marmara region - Turkey, 141 / Ä°lke BEREKETLÄ°, Müjde EROL GENEVOIS -- Chapter 7 Contemporary Topics in Transport and Logistics, 147 -- Future prospects on urban logistic research, 149 / Rosârio MACÂRIO, Vasco REIS -- An analyze of relationship between container ships and ports development, 155 / Branislav DRAGOVIC, Vesna Dragovic-Radinovic, Dusanka Jovovic, Romeo Mestrovic and Emir Ğikmirovic -- A holistic framework for performance measurement in logistics management, 161 / Yasemin Claire ERENSAL -- Heuristics for a generalization of tsp in the context of PCB assembly, 167 / Ali Fuat ALKAYA and Ekrem DUMAN -- Premium e-grocery: Exploring value in logistics integrated service solutions, 173 / Burçin BOZKAYA, Ronan De KERVENOAEL and D. Selcen Ö. AYKAÇ -- T ravelers response to VMS in the Athens area, 179 / Athena TSIRIMPA and Amalia POLYDOROPOULOU -- Regional airports and local development: the challenging balance between sustainability and economic growth, 189 / Rosârio MACÂRIO and Jorge SILVA -- Chapter 8 Transport Planning and Economics, 195 -- How financial constraints and non-optimal pricing affect the design of public transport services, 197 / Sergio R. Jara-Diaz and Antonio Gschwender -- Revenue management for returned products in reverse logistics, 203 / Mesut KUMRU -- Intra-city bus planning using computer simulation, 211 / Reza AZIMI and Amin ALVANCHI -- Chapter 9 Planning, Operations, Management and Control of Transport and Logistics, 217 -- A review of timetabling and resource allocation models for light-rail transportation systems, 219 / Selmin D. ÖNCÜL, D. Selcen Ö. AYKAÇ, Demet BAYRAKTAR and Dilay ÇELEBÄ° -- An approach of integrated logistics HMMS model under environment constraints and an application of time scale, 225 / Fahriye Uysal, Ömür Tosun, Orhan Kuruüzüm -- Freight transport planning with genetic algorithm based projected demand, 231 / Soner HALDENBILEN, Ozgur BASKAN, Huseyin CEYLAN and Halim CEYLAN -- Chapter 10 Transport Modeling, 239 -- Inverse model to estimate o-d matrix from link traffic counts using ant colony optimization, 241 / Halim CEYLAN, Soner HALDENBILEN, Huseyin CEYLAN, Ozgur BASKAN -- The impact of logistics on modelling commercial freight traffic, 251 / Ute IDDINK and Uwe CLAUSEN -- A comparative reviewof simulation-based behavior modeling for travel demand generation, 257 / Seda Yanık, Mehmet Tanyaş -- An efficiency analysis of turkish container ports using the analytic network process, 269 / Senay OĞUZTÄ°MUR, Umut Rıfat TUZKAYA -- A multi-objective approach to designing a multicommudity supply chain distribution network with multiple capacities, 277 / Gholam Reza Nasiri, Hamid Davoudpour and B.Karimi -- Chapter 11 Freight Transportation and Logistics Management, 283 -- Evaluation of turkey’s freight transportation, 285 / Burcu KULELÄ° PAKand BaharSENNAROĞLU -- Short sea shipping, intermodality and parameters influencing pricing policies in the Mediterranean region: The Italian context, 291 / Monica GROSSO, Ana-Rita LYNCE, Anne SILLA, Georgios K. VAGGELAS -- Relevant strategic criteria when choosing a container port - the case of the port of Genoa, 299 / Monica Grosso, Feliciana Monteiro -- Determination of optimum fleet size and composition - A case study of retailer in Thailand, 307 / Terdsak RONGVIRIYAPANICH and Kawee SRIMUANG -- New container port development: forecasting future container throughput, 313 / Dimitrios TSAMBOULAS, Panayota MORAITI -- Sea port hinterland flows and opening hours: the way forward to make them match better 319 / Marjan BEELEN, Hilde MEERSMAN, Evy ONGHENA, Eddy VAN DE VOORDE and Thierry VANELSLANDER -- International road freight transport in Germany and the Netherlands driver costs analysis and French perspectives, 327 / Laurent GUIHERY -- Chapter 12 Transport and Land Use, 335 -- Land rent and new transport infrastructure: How to manage this relationship?, 337 / Elena SCOPEL -- Effects of pavement characteristics on the traffic noise levels, 345 / Aybike ONGEL and John HARVEY -- Fuzzy medical waste disposal facility location problem, 351 / Yeşim KOP, Müjde EROL GENEVOIS and H. Ziya ULUKAN -- Chapter 13 T ransport Infrastructure and Investment Appraisal, 357 -- Agents’ behavior in financing Italian transport infrastructures, 359 / Paolo BERIA -- Free trade agreements in the mediterranean region: a box-cox analysis, 367 / Matthew KARLAFTIS, Konstantinos KEPAPTSOGLOU and Dimitrios TSAMBOULAS

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