Currently, there is a growing need to develop unified analytical approaches and methodological solutions for a thorough and complete assessment of the state of the civil service. Accordingly, the current interest from a sociological point of view in this institution is expressed in the analysis of various aspects of its activities, prospects and barriers to development, which will allow to achieve an effective organization of the civil service. The main purpose of the study: organizing and conducting an annual sociological survey in the field of civil service. To achieve the goal, the following fundamental and applied tasks were solved: defining the conceptual foundations of sociological research on the issues of the civil service and assessing the possibilities of applying the results in managing the development of the civil service, substantiating directions for improving the methodology and technology for conducting sociological research that characterizes the state and development of the state civil service , the possibility of assessing the managerial potential of civil servants in the management of the personnel of the civil service of the Russian Federation, as well as the development of practical recommendations for the development of the civil service. Research methods or methodology: scientific and methodological analysis, comparative analysis, generalization, expert assessment, surveys of civil servants, public opinion research on issues of the civil service. It is substantiated that regular sociological monitoring requires an appropriate level of infrastructure functioning and, in particular, the adoption of a separate regulatory legal act. As a means of social diagnostics, sociological monitoring makes it possible to successfully solve the problems of both collecting and systematizing data characterizing the processes of change in the public service and tracking the dynamics of these processes, allowing timely corrective action, as well as improving the process of developing strategic decisions in this area, and increasing the targeting of impact. and optimize resources. At the same time, the monitoring system itself needs to be fine-tuned, taking into account the differentiation of the civil service system itself. At the same time, it is important to provide two focuses of research: self-assessment and public opinion. In the methodology of sociological monitoring, the development of situational indicators and indicators is of no small importance, in this regard, it is important, within the framework of the directions of the cooperation plan, to develop a methodology for sociological monitoring as an integral element of the strategy and tactics of managing changes in the civil service of the Russian Federation. The implementation of a comprehensive sociological study will allow not only to accumulate resources in achieving the strategic goals of the development of the state civil service and increase the targeting of relevant activities, but can also largely help reduce the risks caused by the preservation of traditional and the formation of new social stereotypes regarding civil servants and the state civil service in in general.

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Published on 30/12/23
Submitted on 22/12/23

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