This thesis is about Photovoltaic (PV) cells and its stresses in various directions by calculating the power generated using solar cells under different conditions to improve its efficiency. Our research studies found that using multi-junction cells with larger substrates can increase the efficiency to some extent which in practice is limited to 43 percent. The experiment was conducted using ten solar cells each with an area of 20.9?cm? ^2, where each cell gives 0.5 V and 0.4 A and a 1.25 ? resistor was used. The cells were connected in series. Once, the PV cells were fixed horizontally and the other time tested in tilted position under same outdoor condition. The purpose of testing PV cells was to investigate the efficiency under above mentioned conditions. The data collected from the readings was used in calculation, and we have obtained from the calculations that horizontally fixed cells gave 4.8 percent efficiency whereas tilted cells gave 6.6 percent efficiency. Hence, the ratio showed that fixed cells produced 37.5 percent more power compared to horizontally fixed cells. Our other experiment consisted of testing PV cells under different temperature conditions that was done using a freezer and an oven for temperature variation and a tungsten bulb was used as a light source. The purpose of performing this experiment was to investigate how the efficiency of PV cells is affected under extreme conditions. Part of our thesis was also including studies and analysis of produced energy by the solar panel installed on the roof of “BTH” building in Karlskrona, Sweden. The data consisted of energy produced from February up to August 2014. The investigation also included finding the highest produced energy during these months. We have found that the highest energy was generated on the 1st of July which was 12.86 kWh. Furthermore, we went deep into investigation of the 1st of July to know exactly which hour of that day the highest energy was produced. The data showed that the highest produced energy was at 12:19 and 13:19 which was 2.03 kWh. Ramzi: +46723231353, +966561993488 Zain

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Published on 01/01/2010

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