Traditionally, reinforcement and consolidation of masonry structures has been done according to one of the following approaches, or a combination of them: By using materials with a very different nature and behaviour from the original ones in the reinforced structure or by increasing the section of those structures, increasing, therefore, their hardness. The first approach could unleash serious setbacks in the original structure. Using materials with high elastic modulus on more flexible elements might generate new tensions in the system, which previously did not exist, compromising the reinforcement intervention. The second approach implies increasing significantly the structural geometry and, therefore, its own global hardness. The modern approach, which reinforcement and consolidation of masonry structures pursue, is solving both, different nature of materials and sectional increasing. It is done by using compatible materials with the original structure, combining the elastic behavior of them and assuring the original breathability, and implementing low thickness interventions in order to do not modify the original hardness. The proposal of a reinforcement system compatible with the historic and architectonic nature of the structure, is based on a mineral matrix of hydraulic natural lime, GeoCalce F Antisismico, combined with basalt fiber fabrics (GeoSteel Grid) or galvanized steel unidirectional bands (GeoSteel HardwireTM). With this system typology, it is ensured an improvement in the mechanical resistances of the structure, based on a simple and low thickness application. The aim of the exposition is introducing a reinforcement and consolidation system for masonry structures developed by Kerakoll and showing several success cases, in Spain and Italy, reinforced with this system. Each case will be explained from the initial study phase to the execution of the intervention, including the calculations to determine the application to be done.

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Published on 30/11/21
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Volume Repair and strengthening strategies and techniques, 2021
DOI: 10.23967/sahc.2021.205
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