The blockchain 1/2


How the Blockchain is changing Money and Business

The blockchain 2/2


Ghose, A. (2018). What Blockchain Could Mean for Marketing. Harvard Business Review.

Harvey, CR, Moorman, C., and Toledo, M. (2018). How Blockchain Can Help Marketers Build Better Relationships with Their Customers. Harvard Business Review. Available at

Challenging Institutions


How the Blockchain will radically transform the economy?


Dal Mas, F., Massaro, M., Verde, JM and Cobianchi, L. (2020). Can the Blockchain Lead to New Sustainable Business Models? Journal of Business Models, Vol. 8, No. 2, p. 31-38


1. Blockchain technology is not well understood by marketers. This caused marketers to take a _____ approach.

Wait and see
Tentative and trust
Come and go
Play and pay

2. How can the Blockchain disrupt online advertising?

By providing a level of tracking and transparency to brands in their advertising investments
By reducing transaction costs
By substituting to brand managers in their choices
By providing a level of tracking and transparency to a middleman in their advertising investments

3. What are the Blockchain characteristics that can favor the creation of new Sustainable Business Models?

Asset tokenization, Transparency, Big Data, Distributed
Asset tokenization, Transparency, No middleman, Distributed
Asset tokenization, Transparency, No middleman, Data analysis
Asset expectations, Transparency, No middleman, Distributed

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Volume Chapter 2 – Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain, 2022
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