Build a case study on the Netflix company by following the structure of Walmart case study, presented in this first chapter. Focus on Netflix history, company business model (you can use the BM Canvas, and the possible acquisitions activities they're running at the moment).

The case study must focus on Netflix. Initially describe the company, its history, and its main activities. Then describe the business model of the company, by using the business model canvas framework. Students can find multiple BMCs dedicated to the company online. They cannot copy paste the model, but describe it.

Example of Netflix BMC:

Acquisitions activities: StoryBots and Millarworld

This is a collaborative task!

You must co-work with your partners in the current course:

Content 2022g 2220 Group people icon.jpg Here you are the dedicated discussion group of this chapter. Use this framework to share your thoughts, comments and options. Create new discussion topics and start coworking!

Content 2022g 5163 Messenger icon blank.png Internal messaging is a quick way to communicate and collaborate with coworkers. All the members of this course, both students and mentor, can communicate through the internal messaging.

Content 2022g 9475 cowork2.png Work in the document in a collaborative way. Collaborative edition tools will allow fulfilling the solution to the practical activities including text, references, links, videos explaining the outcomes of the activity, etc.

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