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  • Energies (2021). -

    Thermostatic load control systems are widespread in many countries. Since they provide heat for domestic hot water and space heating on a massive scale in the residential [...]

  • G. Mor Martinez, J. Cipriano, G. Martirano, F. Pignatelli, C. Lodi, F. Lazzari, B. Grillone, D. Chemisana
    Energy Reports (2021). -

    A bottom-up electricity characterisation methodology of the building stock at the local level is presented. It is based on the statistical learning analysis of aggregated [...]

  • G. Mor Martinez, G. Martirano, F. Pignatelli
    (2021). JRC

    Enhancing energy efficiency has become a priority for the European Union. Several policies and initiatives aim to improve the energy performance of buildings and collect [...]

  • Benedetto Grillone's personal collection (2021). 2

    Interpretable and scalable data-driven methodologies providing high granularity baseline predictions of energy use in buildings are essential for the accurate measurement [...]

  • B. Grillone, G. Mor Martinez, S. Danov, J. Cipriano, A. Sumper
    Applied Energy (2021).

    Methods to obtain accurate estimations of the savings generated by building energy efficiency interventions are a topic of great importance, and considered to be one of the [...]

  • B. Grillone, S. Danov, A. Sumper, J. Cipriano, G. Mor Martinez
    A review of deterministic and data-driven methods to quantify energy efficiency savings and to predict retrofitting scenarios in buildings (2020).

    Increasing the energy efficiency of the built environment has become a priority worldwide and especially in Europe. Because of the relatively low turnover rate of the existing [...]

  • Florencia Lazzari's personal collection (2020). 1

    A Model Predictive Control (MPC) was developed to optimize the performance of a residential heat pump. To test the MPC, the real system was replaced by a Modelica emulator [...]

  • J. Cipriano, G. Mor Martinez, D. Chemisana, D. Pérez, G. Gamboa, X. Cipriano
    Energy and Buildings (2015). Vol. 87, pp. 370-385

    This paper is focused on increasing the knowledge on methods for calibrating BES models and to get more insights of different approaches for the optimization of the [...]

  • J. Cipriano, G. Houzeaux, G. Mor Martinez, U. Eicker, J. Carbonell, S. Danov
    Solar Energy (2016). Vol. 129, pp. 310-331

    In the development of dynamic models for the energy performance evaluation of building integrated natural ventilated PV components there are still many open questions regarding [...]

  • J. Liisberg, J. Moller, H. Bloem, J. Cipriano, G. Mor Martinez, H. Madsen
    Sustainable Cities and Society (2016). Vol. 27, pp. 83-98

    Even for similar residential buildings, a huge variability in the energy consumption can be observed. This variability is mainly due to the different behaviours of the occupants [...]