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Jordi is the director of the Building Energy and Environment, from CIMNE, since 2001. His background comes from the application of numerical methods for the analysis of air flows and thermal heat transfer in active building components and the urban environment. For the last years he has centred his work in modelling the energy performance of buildings, in the analysis of huge amount of data coming from smart meters, in the modelling of  Building Integrated
Components and in analysing the user behaviour of tenants in residential buildings.
Although Jordi finished his PhD recently, he has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in collaborating with municipalities, building owners, energy companies and research organizations through national and international cooperative research projects. He
has participated in more than 30 EU funded projects.
Jordi is author of 20 publications in international scientific journals and congresses. He is one of the founders and member of the board of directors of the energy service company INERGY (www.inergybcn.com), promoted by CIMNE and RSM
Gassó. He is also founder and partner of the start up company Beedatanalytics (https://beedataanalytics.com/es/)
Jordi has a strong link with the University of Lleida where he obtained his PhD degree. He is presently collaborating with several research group from this University and has performed several training and master degree courses. Jordi acts also as representative of CIMNE-BEE Group in the following international research networks: E2B and INIVE. He is also one of the Spanish representatives within the AIVC and he is participating in the Annex 71 of the IEA.


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