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David J. Vicente received the Bachelor's Degree, and subsequently the Master's Degree, in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid in 2009 and 2011, respectively, both specialising in Hydraulics. In 2017 he presented his thesis 'Design of pressure management operations in water distribution districts and analysis of their impact' with 'Excellent Cum Laude' qualification.

He has worked on multiple research projects, being his fields of expertise the application of numerical modelling and Machine Learning-based models to different areas of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering: “Water Distribution Systems: modelling, pressure management and leakage management”, “Dam Engineering: geometric design, thermo-mechanical modelling”, “Prediction of water quality parameters and optimization of advanced treatments” and “Air quality forecasting”.

He is currently working for CIMNE (since October 2015), in the department of “Machine Learning in Civil Engineering” where he is involved in research, technical development (programming) and proposal development at national and European level. He is author or co-author of 9 articles in scientific journals and a book chapter as well as 25 contributions to conference proceedings. He is the creator of the 'AULA ETSI UPM-CIMNE', through which he collaborates with UPM in research and development of R+D+i projects, direction of Master's Thesis and Doctoral Thesis and teaching of classes



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