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  • S. Easa, A. Lamri, D. Brkić
    Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (2022). Easa SM, Lamri AA, Brkić D. Reliability-Based Criterion for Evaluating Explicit Approximations of Colebrook Equation. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. 2022; 10(6):803.

    Numerous explicit approximations of the Colebrook equation have been developed and evaluated based on two criteria: prediction accuracy and computational efficiency. This [...]

  • M. Milošević, D. Brkić, P. Praks, D. Litričin, Z. Stajić
    Axioms (2022). Milošević, Marko, Dejan Brkić, Pavel Praks, Dragan Litričin, and Zoran Stajić. 2022. "Hydraulic Losses in Systems of Conduits with Flow from Laminar to Fully Turbulent: A New Symbolic Regression Formulation" Axioms 11, no. 5: 198.

    Separate flow friction formulations for laminar and turbulent regimes of flow through pipes are in common use in engineering practice. However, variation of different parameters [...]

  • J. Vysocký, L. Foltyn, D. Brkić, R. Praksová, P. Praks
    Sustainability (2022). Vysocký, J.; Foltyn, L.; Brkić, D.; Praksová, R.; Praks, P. Steady-State Analysis of Electrical Networks in Pandapower Software: Computational Performances of Newton–Raphson, Newton–Raphson with Iwamoto Multiplier, and Gauss–Seidel Methods. Sustainability 2022, 14, 2002.

    At the core of every system for the efficient control of the network steady-state operation is the AC-power-flow problem solver. For local distribution networks to continue [...]

  • Axioms (2022). Praks, P.; Brkić, D. Approximate Flow Friction Factor: Estimation of the Accuracy Using Sobol’s Quasi-Random Sampling. Axioms 2022, 11, 36.

    The unknown friction factor from the implicit Colebrook equation cannot be expressed explicitly in an analytical way, and therefore to simplify the calculation, many explicit [...]

  • Fire (2021). Brkić, Dejan, and Pavel Praks. 2021. "Probability Analysis and Prevention of Offshore Oil and Gas Accidents: Fire as a Cause and a Consequence" Fire 4, no. 4: 71.

    ailures during the drilling and exploitation of hydrocarbons that result in catastrophic offshore oil and gas accidents are relatively rare but if they occur the consequences [...]

  • D. Brkić, Z. Stajić
    Facta Universitatis, series: Mechanical Engineering (FU Mech Eng) (2021). Brkić, D. and Stajić, Z., 2021. Excel VBA-Based User Defined Functions for Highly Precise Colebrook’s Pipe Flow Friction Approximations: A Comparative Overview. Facta Universitatis, Series: Mechanical Engineering 9(2):7267. Available from:

    This review paper gives Excel functions for highly precise Colebrook’s pipe flow friction approximations developed by users. All shown codes are implemented as User [...]

  • L. Stajić, B. Đorđević, S. Ilić, D. Brkić
    Rev. int. métodos numér. cálc. diseño ing. (2021). Vol. 37, (4), 48

    The paper examines the primary drivers and factors influencing the volatility of natural gas prices in the world from January 2007 to July 2020. In addition to the narrow [...]

  • D. Brkić, Z. Stajić
    Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (2021). 9(3), article 331.

    Offshore oil and gas operations carry a high risk of explosions, which can be efficiently prevented in many cases. The two most used approaches for prevention are: (1) the [...]

  • M. Amon, M. Radić, Z. Stajić, D. Brkić, P. Praks
    Water (2021). 13(6), article 796.

    In the absence of a flowmeter or due to its inaccuracy, the flow rate at the discharge section of the pipeline following the observed pump can be roughly estimated if the [...]

  • P. Praks, D. Brkić
    Reports in Mechanical Engineering (2020). Vol. 1, No. 1, 2020, pp. 174-179. ISSN: 2683-5894

    This article analyses a form of the empirical Colebrook’s pipe flow friction equation given originally by the Lambert W-function and recently also by the Wright ω-function. [...]

Articles (Documents not available in Scipedia)

  • Discussion of “Friction modeling of flood flow simulations” by Vasilis Bellos, Ioannis Nalbantis, and George Tsakiris

    D Brkić, P Praks

    Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 146 (5), article 07020007, 2020

  • Discussion of “Approximate analytical solutions for the Colebrook equation” by Ali R. Vatankhah

    D Brkić, P Praks

    Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 146 (2), article 07019011, 2020

  • A possible publishing model profitable for authors

    D Brkić

    GRIN Verlag, 2019

  • Correction: Brkić, D., and Praks, P. Accurate and efficient explicit approximations of the Colebrook flow friction equation based on the Wright ω-function. Mathematics 2019, 7, 34

    D Brkić, P Praks

    Mathematics 7 (10), article 951, 2019

  • Discussion of “Economics and statistical evaluations of using Microsoft Excel Solver in pipe network analysis”

    D Brkić

    Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice 9 (3), article 07018002, 2018

  • Discussion of “Exact analytical solutions of the Colebrook-White equation”

    D Brkić

    Journal of Hydraulic Engineering ASCE 143 (9), article 07017007, 2017

  • Discussion of “Gene expression programming analysis of implicit Colebrook–White equation in turbulent flow friction factor calculation”

    D Brkić

    Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 124, 399-401, 2014

  • Discussion of “Method to cope with zero flows in Newton solvers for water distribution systems”

    D Brkić

    Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 140 (4), 456-459, 2014

  • Very accurate explicit approximations for calculation of the Colebrook friction factor

    Ž Ćojbašić, D Brkić

    International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 67, 10-13, 2013

  • Discussion of “Sustainable electric power system: Is it possible? Case study: Croatia”

    D Brkić

    Journal of Energy Engineering 138 (3), 163-164, 2012

  • Discussion of “Jacobian matrix for solving water distribution system equations with the Darcy-Weisbach head-loss model”

    D Brkić

    Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 138 (11), 1000-1001, 2012

  • Discussion of “Water distribution system analysis: Newton-Raphson method revisited”

    D Brkić

    Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 138 (9), 822-824, 2012

  • Can pipes be actually really that smooth?

    D Brkić

    International Journal of Refrigeration 35 (1), 209-215, 2012

  • Comparison of the Lambert W‐function based solutions to the Colebrook equation

    D Brkić

    Engineering Computations, 2012

  • Determining friction factors in turbulent pipe flow

    D Brkić

    Chemical Engineering N.Y. 119 (3), 34-39, 2012

  • Comments on "Experimental study of the pressure drop in the cathode side of air-forced open-cathode proton exchange membrane fuel cells"

    D Brkić

    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 37 (14), 10963-10964, 2012

  • Discussion of “Classroom activities to illustrate concepts of Darcy’s Law and hydraulic conductivity”

    D Brkić, V Mitrović

    Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice 137 (1 …, 2011

  • Iterative methods for looped network pipeline calculation

    D Brkić

    Water Resources Management 25 (12), 2951-2987, 2011

  • New explicit correlations for turbulent flow friction factor

    D Brkić

    Nuclear Engineering and Design 241 (9), 4055-4059, 2011

  • An explicit approximation of Colebrook's equation for fluid flow friction factor

    D Brkić

    Petroleum Science and Technology 29 (15), 1596-1602, 2011

  • Review of explicit approximations to the Colebrook relation for flow friction

    D Brkić

    Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 77 (1), 34-48, 2011

  • Comments on “Settling velocities of particulate systems 15: Velocities in turbulent Newtonian flows”

    D Brkić

    International Journal of Mineral Processing 92 (3-4), 201-202, 2009

  • Serbian gas sector in the spotlight of oil and gas agreement with Russia

    D Brkić

    Energy Policy 37 (5), 1925-1938, 2009

  • An improvement of Hardy Cross method applied on looped spatial natural gas distribution networks

    D Brkić

    Applied Energy 86 (7-8), 1290-1300, 2009

  • Serbian, Russian pipeline accord enhances European gas security

    D Brkić

    Oil & Gas Journal 106 (48), 52-54, 2008

  • Systematic approach to natural gas usage for domestic heating in urban areas

    D Brkić, TI Tanasković

    Energy 33 (12), 1738-1753, 2008

  • Prirodni gas kao gorivo za grejanje

    D Brkić

    Zadužbina Andrejević, 2006

  • Određivanje graničnih parametara upotrebe prirodnog gasa u Beogradu

    D Brkić

    University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geological Engineering, 2005