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Documents published in Scipedia

  • P. Dadvand, R. Rossi, M. Gil, X. Martorell, J. Cotela, E. Juanpere, S. Idelsohn, E. Oñate
    Computers and Fluids (2013). Vol. 80, pp. 301-309

    Creating a highly parallelizable code is a challenge specially for Distributed Memory Machines (DMMs). Moreover, algorithms and data structures suitable for these platforms [...]

  • R. Rossi, J. Cotela, N. Lafontaine, P. Dadvand, S. Idelsohn
    Computers and Fluids (2013). Vol. 80, pp. 342-355

    The present article describes a simple element-driven strategy for the conforming refinement of simplicial finite element meshes in a distributed environment. The proposed [...]

  • M. Storti, R. Paz, L. Dalcin, S. Costarelli, S. Idelsohn
    Computers and Fluids (2013). Vol. 74, pp. 44-57

    Graphic processing units have received much attention in last years. Compute-intensive algorithms operating on multidimensional arrays that have nearest neighbor dependency [...]

  • Computers and Fluids (2007). Vol. 36 (1), pp. 27-38

    The Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM) is a well established numerical method [Aubry R, Idelsohn SR, Oñate E, Particle finite element method in fluid mechanics [...]

  • Acta Geotechnica (2006). Vol. 1 (4), pp. 237-252

    We present a general formulation for modeling bed erosion in free surface flows using the particle finite element method (PFEM). The key feature of the PFEM is the use of [...]

  • P. Becker, S. Idelsohn
    Acta Geotechnica (2016). Vol. 11 (3), pp. 643-657

    We present an approach for the simulation of landslides using the Particle Finite Element Method of the second generation. In this work, the multiphase nature (granular phase [...]

  • Int. J. Computational Fluid Dynamics (2002). Vol. 16 (4), pp. 283-295

    The aim of this paper is to describe the methodology followed in order to determine the viscous effects of a uniform wind on the blades of small horizontal-axis wind turbines [...]

  • Journal of Fluids Engineering (1999). Vol. 122 (2), 309-317

    A panel Fourier method for ship-wave flow problems is considered here. It is based on a three-dimensional potential flow model with a linearized free surface condition, and [...]

  • R. Löhner, C. Yang, E. Oñate, S. Idelsohn
    Applied Numerical Mathematics (1999). Vol. 31 (3), pp. 271-293

    An unstructured grid-based, parallel-free surface solver is presented. The overall scheme combines a finite-element, equal-order, projection-type 3-D incompressible flow solver [...]

  • J. Gimenez, H. Aguerre, S. Idelsohn, N. Nigro
    Journal of Computational Physics (2018). Vol. 380, pp. 295-310

      This work presents a novel proposal of a second-order accurate (in time and space) particle-based method for solving transport equations including incompressible [...]



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