International Journal of Numerical Methods for Calculation and Design in Engineering (RIMNI) contributes to the spread of theoretical advances and practical applications of numerical methods in engineering [...]

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  • Comp. Part. Mech (2017). Vol. 4 (3), pp. 249-249

    Particle-based methods in which each material particle is followed in a Lagrangian manner have been used successfully in the last years for different applications. One [...]

  • R. Aubry, R. Lohner, E. Oñate, S. Idelsohn
    American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Paper (AIAA) (2007). 2007-0715

    An incompressible Finite Element Lagrangian code is presented and validated against classical experimental and numerical Eulerian results. The main distinction between an [...]

  • Advances in Engineering Software and Workstations (1991). Vol. 13 (1), pp. 46-50

    The elastic stability of shells or shell-like structures under two independent load parameters is considered. One of the loads is associated to a limit point form of buckling, [...]

  • Advances in Engineering Software and Workstations (1991). Vol. 13 (2), pp. 58-67

    The present work generalises the earlier work in which a variational principle technique was presented in order to evaluate the magnitude of upwind required to solve the compressible [...]

  • M. Storti, L. Crivelli, S. Idelsohn
    Advances in Engineering Software (1987). Vol. 9 (2), pp. 66-73

    This paper is devoted to the numerical solution of phase-change problems in two dimensions. The technique of finite elements is employed. The discretization is carried out [...]

  • E. Laitano, S. Idelsohn
    Advances in Engineering Software (1986). Vol. 8 (1), pp. 2-7

    A simple and efficient hidden line algorithm for finite element models is described here. The algorithm runs quickly, it has low computer storage and core size requirements. [...]

  • Advances in Engineering Software (1984). Vol. 6 (1), pp. 36-44

    A computer procedure for economically time-integrating large structural dynamics problems is presented. The main process is described as a two-step discretisation, the first [...]

  • Fire Technology (2018). Vol. 54 (6), pp. 1783–1805

    The tendency of the polymers to melt and drip when they are exposed to external heat source play a very important role in the ignition and the spread of fire. Numerical simulation [...]

  • C. R. Mecanique (2018). Vol. 346 (7), pp. 539-555

    Highly concentrated moving nonlinearities are extremely difficult to solve numerically. The Selective Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing process [...]

  • Adv. Model. and Simul. in Eng. Sci. (2018). Vol. 5, art. 28

    In this paper we present a collection of techniques used to formulate a projection-based reduced order model (ROM) for zero Mach limit thermally coupled Navier–Stokes [...]



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