Hosting solutions and other services for congresses is an innovative platform that offers a comprehensive social-network-based solution to the specific needs of Open Science. Scipedia aims to connect researchers and facilitate them to share knowledge, expertise and the outcome of their work, by providing free publishing and open access services.

As a social network includes different tools to facilitate discussion and the sharing of knowledge, such as discussion forums (associated with all documents published), thematic groups, or internal messaging.

As a publishing platform, offers leading-edge tools, including enriched web publishing, collaborative online edition tools, advanced support for documents/data/big-data repositories, etc.

Scipedia meets the requirements of the standard OAI-PMH protocol to ensure that the main aggregators and search engines harvest and index the published content.

Scipedia for congresses

Scipedia offers a flexible, scalable and easily customiz-able cloud hosting solution for congress proceedings, based on the most reliable technology. A BASIC hosting plan is offered for free to any scientific congress (subjected to Scipedia’s Terms of Use).

Scipedia's BASIC hosting plan for congresses includes:

checkmark Customized congress home page (congress banner, introduction, about info, etc.)

checkmark Profiles pages for the attendants (user accounts shared among different congresses)

checkmark Unlimited cloud storage space for proceedings

checkmark Unique URL for every document (required for or DOI)

checkmark Publishing in web format (import from Word or LaTeX) or pdf

checkmark Discussion forum for every published document

checkmark Citations for every published document

checkmark Basic statistics (views and score)

checkmark ‘Share with’ tool for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

checkmark Dedicated management panel

checkmark Free basic support and maintenance services

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Additionally, Scipedia offers different paid services, which complete those included in the BASIC plan:

checkmark ‘Turnkey’ publishing service (creation of congress home page and publishing of proceedings)

checkmark DOI assignment to published content

checkmark Support for online congresses

checkmark Additional data and video storage space (enable publishing videos, presentations, linked data, etc.)

checkmark Management of registration and payment of fees

checkmark Advanced customization options

checkmark Priority technical support

checkmark Options for restricting access to content (embargo)

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Series of conferences

Besides the services for congresses, offers additional possibilities for series of conferences. It allows creating a profile (i.e. a customized home page for the conference or organizing institution) and build an active community around it, thanks to the different social network tools of the platform. The conference profile will bring together the different proceedings of the series of conferences and will include a statistics page.

The profile of the series of conferences can be configured as a microsite within This allows to fully customize the aesthetics of the microsite, following the image of the organizing institution or conference.

checkmark Additionally, can provide the services below for series of conferences:

checkmark Customized statistics page and microsite’s features

checkmark ISSN request for the conference proceedings

checkmark Processing of the inclusion of the conference in Scopus and CDPI (WoS) databases

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