• (2021).

    his paper proposes a new vibration-based structural health monitoring method for the identification of delamination defects in composite bulkheads used in small-length fiber-based [...]

  • A. Jurado, C. Garcia, E. Sanchez, P. Beltran
    TSI SL's personal collection (2020). 3

    Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials are widely used in the construction of small-length vessels due to their light weight and high strength to weight ratio. However, [...]

  • TSI SL's personal collection (2020). 2

    The main objective of the FIBRESHIP project is to enable the building of the complete hull and superstructure of large-length seagoing and inland ships in FRP materials by [...]

  • A. Jurado, . C.Garcia, . E.Sanchez
    TSI SL's personal collection (2020). 1

    FIBRESHIP (H2020, Grant 723360) is an ambitious innovation project funded by the European Commission, which is participated by 18 European partners led by the Spanish [...]


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