About me

I am a naval architect and marine engineer (MSc.) from the Higher Technical School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (Technical University of Madrid - UPM) with more than 10 years of experience. I joined TSI as the Head of R&D Department in 2018, to manage R&D projects, develop business and search for new projects to maintain the engineering skills and capabilities of the company in a forefront position. My main objective is expanding TSI capabilities in URN, smart monitoring, and structural design of vessels and renewable structures in composites. I have been the H2020 FIBRESHIP project coordinator, managing the project from the technical and administrative point of view. Furthermore, I work in commercial projects and R&D projects since the beginning of my career, participating in many of them in previous positions. These projects have been the following: TELWIND (European - H2020), RECOEF (Spanish - Retos), TENSHORES (Spanish - Retos), SEAPEM (Spanish - FEDER-INNTERCONECTA), ARALFUTUR (Spanish - FEDER-INNTERCONECTA), HIPRWIND (European – FP7), FLOATMET (European- FP7) and AZIMUT (European – FP7) among others. I have published several papers in technical conference proceedings and peer-reviewed international journals as well as have participated in several technical conferences and industrial exhibitions.

Currently, I am developing the following projects: FIBREGY (H2020), FIBRE4YARDS (H2020), SEA DEFENCE (EDIDP), SATURN (H2020) and OCEANH2 (Misiones CDTI).


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